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Unexpected Uses For Your GRABO Lifter

grabo stone lifter

How Does The Grabo Lifter Work?

Before we go any further, let’s take a quick look at how a Grabo Lifter actually works in the workplace. This fantastic tool utilises negative air pressure to attach to a smooth surface which allows a vacuum to seal into place. Once the Grabo lifter has locked in a vacuum seal on the object in question, it allows the user to lift said object into place with the specialist vacuum lifter.


The Grabo Lifter has evolved and become a far more advanced tool over the years as it has developed. This handheld vacuum lifter is used on a daily basis in the workplace by professionals to lift heavy materials into place, providing a strong and sturdy handle for workers to work with. 


The Grabo Lifter has become a fantastic investment for any worker in that field, and has become a staple in many tool kits over the years.


How Can The Grabo Lifter Be Used? 

Grabo Lifter is a fantastic tool that can be used for lifting heavy, usually awkwardly shaped objects into place, for example a windscreen being lifted onto a car. Grabo Lifter allows for a strong seal that provides peace of mind when handling quite fragile objects.


The great thing about our Grabo Lifters, though, is that as long as they are placed onto a flat surface that allows for a vacuum seal to take place, it isn’t just glass and windows that you’re able to lift. Here are some of the most unusual uses that we have seen for Grabo Lifter.


The thing that makes Grabo Lifter so special is that it is the world’s first portable vacuum lifter, providing an unprecedented advantage when it comes to lifting heavy objects with a strong, reliable tool. 


Most Unusual Uses for Grabo Lifter


  • Heavy Furniture


One that most of us can relate to and kicking off our list is lifting heavy furniture like chairs and tables. 


Have you ever been moving all of your furniture in your home, finally got to the heavy dining table and just didn’t have a clue on how you’re going to get it moved where you need it? It’s something that many of us have experienced and just dealt with. 


Usually, some older tables can be tricky to move as they don’t have a flat surface or handle-like structure on the underside to allow you to lift it properly. It can be tricky to maneuver and is something that many people dread doing when having a change around in their homes.


With Grabo Lifter, this problem is completely eliminated, attaching securely to the top of the table and allowing you to lift your heavy furniture much easier. You’ll no longer need to worry about trying to grab each end of the table like some life-sized Stretch Armstrong, and will instead be able to lift from the top with ease! It definitely feels like you’re cheating the process when you do it, and we can’t recommend it enough!

dining table

  • Shifting Fridges


If there’s one thing worse than trying to move a heavy piece of furniture, it’s trying to lug around a huge fridge that you have to walk around on the 2 back feet, as you have absolutely no chance of picking it up with smooth surfaces all around. 


Yes, even a fridge is no match for the Grabo Lifter. Fitting onto the sides of the fridge, it provides handles for easy lifting and lets you move it around without the risk of injuring yourself, the last thing you need is to be trying to move a fridge with a pulled back! 


A fridge isn’t the heaviest object in the world, but it can definitely be one of the most awkward to move around due to its size. Grabo Lifter effectively eliminates this problem, allowing for safe and much easier lifting circumstances, providing a sturdy handle that allows you to move your fridge without hurting yourself, or the risk of damaging the fridge itself. 


This may not be one of the most conventional uses for the Grabo Lifter, but we think it is one that will definitely come in handy for many people. 


  • Getting The Gardening Done


With our first two listings, you may think that Grabo Lifter only comes in handy for indoor applications, but it is just as effective in the great outdoors! One area in particular that it works extremely well is lifting large paving stones into place. 


When lifting and moving paving stones, as well as being heavy and difficult to move in some situations, you also have the added challenge of trying to maneuver the stone into place without trapping your fingers, something that we can say from first hand experience is more difficult that it looks. 


Having to wrap your hands around the stone already means you’re at a disadvantage when trying to lower the stone into place, but with Grabo Lifter you completely eliminate that issue, instead giving you the ease of lowering the stone into place from the top. 


Not only does this mean that you will have an easier time moving the stones, but it means you’ll have more accuracy when it comes to placing the stone in your garden. No more worrying about trapping your fingers, and you get the perfect positioning of paving in your garden, what’s not to love? 

paving slabs

  • Fitting an Aquarium


As we all know, suction cups work really well when moving glass. They are used constantly in the automotive industry for moving windscreens in and out of cars, but that doesn’t have to be where their glass capabilities end. 


Aquariums are becoming more and more popular, both in the home and in the workplace, and they’re only increasing in size! A pane of glass can be difficult to manoeuvre, but a large box of glass with very little to hold onto can be near enough impossible.


Grabo Lifter is fantastic for any awkward, heavy and fragile objects that may need to be moved, and aquariums fall straight into this category. When moving something that is heavy and fragile, you need the reassurance that your lifting tools will have your back, and you get that peace of mind with Grabo Lifters. 


If you’re looking to bring some fishy friends into your home and want the feeling that you’re truly under the sea, using Grabo Lifters to get the job done is a great way to make sure your plans don’t flounder.


The Wonderful World of Grabo Lifter

Grabo Lifters can be used for many weird and wonderful things, and we’ve brought you the ones that we think will help you the most. You never know, one of our ideas may become a reality in your home very soon! 


If you have any questions regarding Grabo Lifters, or you just want to know more uses for this fantastic, please feel free to get in touch with our fantastic team and ask away! We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have for us.