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Vacuum Panel Lifter Hire

Vacuum Panel Lifter Hire


In today’s fast-paced construction and manufacturing industries, efficiency, safety, and productivity are paramount. Vacuum lifters are becoming a key piece of equipment to streamline lifting operations across material handling industries.

Our range of vacuum lifters provides a secure and effective way to handle various materials, from glass and metal to wood and plastic. Offering a variety of lifting capacities, you will find the ideal vacuum lifter for hire at 4 Cladding Services.

Largest Fleet of Vacuum Lifters For Rent In The UK

Although we already have the largest UK-based hire fleet of modern vacuum panel lifters, we constantly expand and renew our equipment range. This allows us to respond quickly to any request regarding our vacuum panels for hire.

Investment in new premises and modern facilities, coupled with our impressive distribution network, ensures an efficient vacuum lifter hire service throughout the UK. Further afield, we can help customers with overseas projects by arranging local machine hire and support through the unique VIAVAC network.


The Only UK Provider With VIAVAC Vacuum Lifters For Hire

VIAVAC is a world-renowned manufacturer of vacuum lifters, and 4 Cladding Services is the sole UK dealer of these innovative machines. They design and manufacture devices that enable all sandwich roof and wall panels to be installed efficiently and safely.

Safety is at the forefront of VIAVACs and 4 Cladding Services minds; all the VIAVAC vacuum lifters we have available for rent meet current UK, European, and Worldwide safety standards.

Glass Vacuum Lifter Hire

Our entire range of vacuum lifters is available for hire, most notably our popular range of glass vacuum lifters. Our glass lifter range, Glass Boy, is also manufactured by vacuum lifter experts – VIAVAC.  Our range of glass lifters is ideal for professional use in various industries, from construction to glazing.

Hiring one of our glass vacuum lifters is favoured by many businesses that need short-term material handling assistance. Our Glass Boy range has an outstanding lifting capacity of up to 1800KG, so you can be sure to effectively lift and transfer your glass with minimal effort and maximum productivity with our glass lifter hire options.

Our Vacuum Lifter Hire Services

Transparent Pricing

We are the only company to publish standard hire rates, and we are happy to continue to do so. We are safe in the knowledge that we offer exceptional value and recognise that our rates set industry benchmarks that others must follow.

Wide Range of Options

At 4 Cladding Services, we offer various vacuum lifters designed to suit your specific lifting requirements. Our vacuum lifters are versatile and can be used to lift various materials, including awkwardly shaped, heavy objects. 

Expert Advice

Our team of vacuum lift professionals are here to provide knowledgeable advice to help you choose the right equipment for hire. We know the ins and outs of our vacuum lifters, which enables us to guide you through the process of selecting the best lifter for your specific needs.

Enhanced Efficiency & Safety

Our renowned vacuum lifter hire service provides a proven solution, delivering installation efficiency, solving handling challenges, protecting valuable panel surfaces, and ensuring health and safety benefits on projects of all sizes.

Why Choose 4 Cladding Services?

We are proud of our high standards of customer service throughout the whole panel lifter hire process. We always ensure we supply the most appropriate equipment and handling solutions for all applications. Our reputation is second to none, and we value every single customer. Not just new customers but particularly those who continue to work with us for many years.

We will never promise a lifting solution that we can not provide, and we never complete work that isn’t safe. We value your safety, so it’s always at the forefront of everything we do. Contact our expert team to hire your vacuum lifter today.


Vacuum Lift Hire FAQs

How long can I hire a vacuum lifter?

Our hire options range from one day to several years. Whether you need to hire a vacuum lifter for a small job or if hiring is more economical for your business, you can rent it for years. Our flexible hire options have been designed to suit your specific needs.

Can I be trained to use my hired vacuum lifter?

We believe in elevating safety and efficiency through professional training and abundant support. We offer free online vacuum lifter training courses to equip you to safely operate your hired vacuum lifter.

What vacuum lifters are available for hire?

We have a range of vacuum lifters with the same hire or purchase options available: