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Glass Boy GB-L Glass Panel Vacuum Lifter

The Glass Boy GB-L Vacuum Lifter is available or purchase or hire at 4 Cladding Services with maintenance and servicing included. We also offer training to ensure you get the most out of your GB-L Vaccum Lifter.  

The GB-X is the smallest vacuum lifter in the Glass Boy range, made to carry more lightweight glass panels. From industry-renowned VIAVAC, the GB-X sits amongst a range of leading machinery, including the Clad Boy, Cool Boy, and Rota Boy ranges.

Glass Lifting Equipment Made By Well-Established Industry Leaders

The Glass Boy GB-L is a compact yet powerful dual-circuit glass vacuum lifter from VIAVAC. With a carry weight of 250kg, the GB-L is the ideal vacuum lifter for lightweight panels that require a more agile crane operating in tight spaces. You also have the option to add extensions to increase the capacity to 500kg for even more lifting power. 

The GB-L is part of VIAVAC’s renowned Glass Boy glass lifter range. It provides an effective and reliable lifting solution for glass panels as well as a host of features for easier installations. The GB-L complements the rest of the range (the GB-X and GB-H) to cover all of your glass panel lifting requirements. 

Keep your panels safe and secure, avoiding costly and potentially dangerous breakages with the GB-L glass vacuum lifter.

Sole UK Distributor of the GB-L Vacuum Lifter

We are proud to be the sole UK supplier of VIAVAC vacuum lifters. At 4 Cladding Services, we are dedicated to reflecting the high standards of VIAVAC. Our professionals are experts in not only the Glass Boy range but also all VIAVAC products. By choosing 4 Cladding Services, you can expect industry expertise, first-rate customer care, and dedication to improving workplace safety

If you need advice from our experts about the GB-L or any other products, get in touch with us today.  


Glass Boy GB-L Features

As the smaller vacuum lifter of the Glass Boy range, the GB-L is capable of working in smaller environments meaning it has specific features. Features of the GB-L include:

  • Industry-leading suction cup technology
  • Dual-circuit
  • Standard carry weight of 250kg
  • Can add extensions to increase carry weight to 500kg 
  • Electric hoist for a strong and stable foundation
  • Precise heavy-duty lifting
  • 360° rotation with 8 lockable positions
  • Tiltable through 90° (with locking every 18°)
  • Easy assembly – get to work in just a few minutes
  • Available with radio remote control
  • Short lifting lung for use in small spaces

The GB-L glass panel lifter is an incredible piece of equipment. It stands out from other lifters in the range for its ability to be used in smaller, more restrictive areas. Though the GB-L has a smaller carry capacity than other vacuum lifters, its compact design makes it an excellent option for many installations.

The GB-L is widely used for long glass panels for conservatories and large glass facade elements. It is a popular choice throughout the construction, façade installation, and glazing industries.

At 4 Cladding Services, we are committed to creating safer work environments. VIAVAC shares this commitment, as is demonstrated through the number of built-in safety features in the Glass Boy GB-L lifter. 

GB-L safety features include a large vacuum reserve, as well as low vacuum and battery warning systems. The GB-L vacuum lifter also uses a dual-circuit safety system.

Whether you need the GB-L for a single project or will get years of benefits from it, we have an option for you. We provide a range of sale and hire options for the GB-L to help best accommodate your needs and maximise your savings. 

If you need advice on whether to purchase or hire the GB-L, our team is on hand to provide you with a range of options tailored to your needs. Contact us today to find the best solution for your business.

The GB-L glass lifter is robust and built to last. VIAVAC back up their top quality design and manufacturing with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. Plus, the 4 Cladding Services team is on hand to ensure your vacuum lifter runs optimally and meets LOLER regulations

We provide ongoing vacuum lifter maintenance and servicing to ensure your glass vacuum lifter works at its best. Each servicing comes with LOLER testing to guarantee your glass lifter meets regulations. Additionally, we also stock spares and replacement parts to get your machine back to peak performance.

In line with our goals to create safer workspaces, we don’t just provide safe LOLER-compliant vacuum lifters. We also deliver operator training. Avoid costly mistakes or even potentially harmful misuse of your GB-L with our online training. 

Our free online vacuum lifter operator training will guide you through the GB-L and its various applications. Alternatively, join us in our workshop for in-person GB-L training, including a product demonstration.

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        GB-L Vacuum Lifter FAQs

        The VIAVAC GB-L lifter has an inbuilt, rechargeable battery.

        To get the most from your GB-L, you can add an extension set that increases the carrying capacity to 500kg. You can also add a wireless remote option allowing you to activate and deactivate the vacuum from up to 50 metres away. A transport carriage is also available for safely moving and storing the GB-L lifter.

        Yes, the GB-L meets safety requirements from all relevant UK, European, and Worldwide regulations.