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TruTool Sheet Metal Nibblers

TRUMPF TruTool Nibblers

TRUMPF TruTool Nibblers

Experience powerful and accurate sheet metal cutting from industry-leading brand TRUMPF with TruTool Nibblers.

With its powerful “punch and die” cutting method, you can rely on TRUMPF nibblers to cut through sheet metal effortlessly. 

They are versatile sheet metal cutting tools capable of cutting straight lines and tight, intricate curves. Plus, you get all of this precision and power without needing to worry about distorting the material around the cut. With TRUMPF sheet metal nibblers, you can even cut from the centre of a metal sheet. This sheet metal nibbler range includes the amazing TruTool N160 for flat sheets and the PN200 nibbler for profiled and corrugated sheets.

Extended Warranty For Peace Of Mind

Trumpf Nibblers are durable and built to last. However, for complete peace of mind, the Trumpf offer an amazing 5-year warranty. Your sheet metal nibbler tool must be registered with Trumpf to access the extended warranty. But don’t worry, we have already taken care of it for you. All of our Trumpf TruTool nibblers are pre-registered.

Buy TRUMPF TruTool Nibblers

We offer a full range of TRUMPF TruTool nibblers;

We also have a broad selection of accessories, extras, and add-ons. They’re all available to purchase directly from us under our Cladding Mate brand – Buy TruTool Nibblers here.

TRUMPF Nibbler Features

  • Fast, accurate, and clean cutting
  • No distortion
  • Cut straight lines and tight curves
  • Nibblers for flat and profiled sheets
  • Easy to use
  • Cordless
  • Long runtimes and short downtimes
  • 5-year TRUMPF warranty

Our TRUMPF TruTool cordless roofing Nibbler range includes a selection of incredible products, including; the N160 and the PN200. Both offer everything you expect from TRUMPF, reliable and powerful cutting, durability, long runtime, short downtimes and much more. And this range has flat and profiled cutting covered. 

  • The TruTool N160 is designed for flat sheets.
  • The TruTool PN200 is designed for trapezoidal, corrugated and profiled materials.

TRUMPF is a premium brand and has a well-earned reputation for producing high-performing, durable cladding tools. We realise this comes with a higher price tag than some mid-range alternatives, but they are more than worth the price. If you want to experience the difference first-hand and see what sets TRUMPF apart, speak to us about our try-before-you-buy scheme. It’s hassle-free. Learn more here: TRUMPF Nibbler Try Before You Buy.

We also offer all the accessories you need to get the most from your roofing nibbler tools. Our extensive range of TRUMPF nibbler accessories includes TRUMPF batteries, and die, punch and punch guides. We also have toolboxes to store your nibbler tools securely.

Trusted Roof Nibbler 

When it comes to roofing, precision and power are paramount. That’s why this roof nibbler, powered by TRUMPF technology, is your trusted companion for tackling sheet metal effortlessly. Whether you’re working on flat sheets or contoured, profiled, and corrugated roofing, this sheet metal nibbler is your go-to solution. 

Roofing projects often demand more than just straight cuts. With the roof nibbler, you gain the versatility to cut intricate curves and shapes with ease. No more struggling with tight corners or complex patterns, our nibbler handles them effortlessly. Whether you’re working on a residential roof or a large commercial project, this tool has you covered.

Invest in a roof nibbler today and experience the difference that precision and power can make in your roofing projects. Trust TRUMPF technology for roofing excellence and discover a new level of efficiency and quality.

Why Choose a TRUMPF Sheet Metal Nibbler?

When it comes to sheet metal cutting, precision, efficiency, and reliability are essential. TRUMPF Sheet Metal Nibblers stand out as the top choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Here’s why:

1. Fast, Accurate, and Clean Cutting:

With TRUMPF Sheet Metal Nibblers, you’ll experience lightning-fast, accurate, and exceptionally clean cuts. Whether you’re working on roofing projects, fabrication, or any metal-cutting task, our nibblers deliver unmatched speed and precision. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual cutting methods and embrace the efficiency of TRUMPF.

2. No Distortion:

One of the most significant advantages of our nibblers is their ability to cut without causing material distortion. Your metal sheets will retain their integrity and structural strength, ensuring the longevity and quality of your work. TRUMPF nibblers give you peace of mind, knowing your projects are built to last.

3. Cut Straight Lines and Tight Curves:

TRUMPF Sheet Metal Nibblers offer exceptional versatility. Whether you need to make straight cuts or navigate tight curves and intricate patterns, our nibblers excel at both. No task is too challenging, and you’ll achieve the precise results you demand.

4. Nibblers for Flat and Profiled Sheets:

We understand that every project is unique. That’s why TRUMPF offers a range of nibblers tailored to your specific needs. From flat sheets to profiled and corrugated materials, we have the perfect nibbler for your application. You’ll never have to compromise on quality, regardless of the sheet type.

5. Easy to Use:

Simplicity and user-friendliness are at the core of our design philosophy. TRUMPF Sheet Metal Nibblers are easy to operate, making them suitable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to metalworking, you’ll find our nibblers intuitive and straightforward.

6. Cordless Convenience:

Experience the freedom of cordless operation with TRUMPF Sheet Metal Nibblers. No more hassling with cords and limited mobility. Our cordless models offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to work in any environment without constraints.

7. Long Runtimes and Short Downtimes:

We understand the importance of productivity. That’s why our cordless nibblers come with long runtimes and short downtimes. You’ll spend more time working and less time recharging, ensuring maximum efficiency on the job.

8. 5-Year TRUMPF Warranty:

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities. When you choose a TRUMPF Sheet Metal Nibbler, you’re backed by a 5-year warranty. We stand by the quality and durability of our products, giving you confidence in your investment.

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