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Cool Boy RW – Setting New Standards for Wall Panel Lifting Equipment

Our original single-pad Cool Boy has set new standards for vacuum lifting solutions. The original Cool Boy offers faster installation, ease of operation, and cost-efficiency. Now, installers of profiled wall panels can also experience the fantastic benefits. 

Why Choose the Cool Boy RW Tilting Vacuum Lifter?

The Cool Boy RW (also called Cool Boy 4-Flex) provides the same features and advantages as the original lifter. You can use this lifter for many types of panels, including Kingspan composite panels. The Cool Boy RW / 4-Flex is an innovative piece of wall panel lifting equipment. It is suitable for lifting many wall panels with an RW-style profile in vertical and horizontal orientations. The Cool Boy RW is a wall panel vacuum lifter capable of specific curved wall panels. 

The Cool Boy RW is compact and lightweight, powered by an internal rechargeable battery. Although nifty and light, our wall panel lifting equipment incorporates advanced features. For example, it includes full panel rotation and tilt capability. You can rest assured that you meet safety regulations when using our wall panel lifting devices. The Cool Boy RW complies with all current UK and European legislation.

Cool Boy RW / 4Flex Features

  • Suitable for RW-style wall panels, both vertically and horizontally laid.
  • Battery operated with built-in charger.
  • Lightweight, compact, quick and easy to operate, offering time and labour savings and delivering installation efficiency
  • Incorporates advanced safety features, including low vacuum and low battery warning systems, large vacuum reserve and proven secondary safety systems.
  • Fully operable with both cranes and forklift gibs/hook attachments.
  • Dual vacuum machine with additional safety straps for fail-safe lifting.
  • Fully CE marked and compliant with all relevant UK, European and Worldwide regulations and legislation.

4 Cladding Services are the UK’s longest-running specialist provider of vacuum handling equipment for composite roof and wall panels. We work closely with Kingspan, and our wall panel vacuum lifters are suitable for use with Kingspan composite panels. We are also the UK’s sole distributor of VIAVAC wall panel lifting equipment. VIAVAC is a well-established brand that creates impressive wall panel lifting solutions.


We can supply wall panel lifting equipment anywhere in the UK; no location is out of bounds. We know how important it is to have trustworthy, safe, tried and tested equipment. All of our products are available to purchase or hire. No matter your requirements, we can be sure to meet your needs.

You can access our free online training courses at any time, and what’s even better is they are free of charge! When you hire or purchase the Cool Boy RW, you will also receive free training to use the wall panel lifting equipment safely and correctly. 


Want to know more about our training and support? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk with our wall panel lifting specialists. You will even receive a certificate to prove you have taken the relevant course; become one of the 15,000 people in the UK trained by 4 Cladding Services. Make your installation process safer and easier today!

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        Tilting Vacuum Lifter FAQs

        For more information on the Cool Boy RW, find the answer to your query in our most frequently asked questions. If you haven’t found the information you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more advice and guidance.

        A vacuum lifter is a device used to lift and move heavy objects using the power of suction. It consists of a suction pad or a series of suction cups that create a vacuum seal with the object’s surface. When activated, the vacuum creates a strong grip, allowing the lifter to attach to the object securely.

        The Cool Boy RW is powered the same way as the original Cool Boy vacuum lifter. Both are powered by a battery and have a built-in charger. The Cool Boy RW will also display the battery charge, warning the user when it is of low battery power.

        The vacuum lifter is commonly used in various industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and logistics, where heavy objects need to be lifted and moved with precision and efficiency. It offers a safe and effective way to handle heavy loads without the need for manual lifting or complicated rigging systems.

        Yes, online training is available for operating the Cool Boy RW machine, and it is strongly recommended for team members with little experience in operating vacuum lifters. Our Cool Boy RW online training is split out into several videos followed by short quizzes and completed with a test. A successful pass mark will be awarded with a training certificate.

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