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Clad Boy CB3

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Clad Boy CB3 Single Circuit Vacuum Lifter

Meet the Clad Boy CB3. This powerful tool is an excellent single-circuit vacuum lifter and a staple across the cladding industry. 

At 4 Cladding Services, we have the following Clad Boy vacuum lifters available to hire or purchase:

Panel Lifter From World-Renowned Manufacturer

The Clad Boy CB3 single circuit panel lifter is a powerful vacuum lifter from leading industry manufacturer VIAVAC, who manufacture a range of vacuum lifters, including:

The Clad Boy CB3 is a hugely popular option and is used globally. Its reliability, versatility, and performance lifting panels of all kinds have earned the CB3 an excellent reputation worldwide.  

The UK’s Sole Distributor Of The Clad Boy CB3

As the UK’s sole distributor for VIAVAC’s innovative panel lifters, we’re the go-to for the Clad Boy CB3. Whether you want to purchase or hire a Clad Boy CB3, our panel lifting and cladding experts can help. We’ll make the whole process a breeze and guide you through everything you need to know about the Clad Boy CB3. Or we can talk you through other VIAVAC panel lifters, such as the Clad Boy CB4 or Clad Boy CB5, if they better suit your requirements. 

Clad Boy CB3 Features

  • The Clad Boy CB3 makes wall and roof panel installation quick and easy, saving you time and labour costs. 
  • The Clad Boy CB3 suits various composite panels, including Kingspan wall and roof panels. 
  • The Clad Boy CB3 vacuum lifter can lift up to 400kg in weight.
  • The CB3 panel lifter is suitable for all weather conditions, temperatures and a range of environments.
  • The CB3 uses internal rechargeable batteries.
  • The CB3 complies with all the relevant UK, Europe, and worldwide regulations and is fully CE marked.  

In addition to the base vacuum lifter, we offer a selection of add-ons, extras, and accessories so you can get even more from the CB3. We have suction pads and accessories to expand your Clad Boy CB3 vacuum lifter’s capabilities, making it a truly versatile panel lifting solution. 

We provide both sales and hire purchase options across our panel-handling equipment ranges. Whether you have an ongoing need for the versatility of the CB3 or simply need it for a single project, we have a purchase or hire solution for you. Speak with one of our panel lifter experts to discuss the best option for you. 

We aim to improve your efficiency and effectiveness on-site while maintaining the highest safety standards. That’s why we provide free training and support with every Clad Boy CB3 purchase or hire. The training is specific to the product and tailored to the application you’re using it for. For more information, visit our Vacuum Lifter Training and Support page.

We understand the importance of keeping your CB3 in top condition. That’s why we offer a 12-month warranty and provide the highest quality repair, servicing, and maintenance services. We’ll keep your CB3 working flawlessly so you can rely on it for maximum output, efficiency and safety on the job.

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        Clad Boy CB3 FAQs

        In addition to the other products in the Clad Boy vacuum lifter range, we also provide lifting equipment from the following ranges and brands:

        Each is available with the same great warranty, training, customer care, and hire and purchase options as the CB3. 

        We deliver the CB3 to your site in a self-contained cradle or box. This allows the vacuum lifter to be quickly and easily transported to and around your site. 

        The Clad Boy CB3’s standard suction pads are designed for a variety of common roof and wall panels. We also have specialised suction pads available, expanding the CB3’s capabilities to include roof tile profiles, corrugated panels and more.

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