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TRUMPF’s Truly Versatile Panel Cutter

TRUMPF TruTool – Cladding Panel Cutter

TRUMPF TruTool – Cladding Panel Cutter

With the TRUMPF panel cutter, you can cut down or cut out windows in polyurethane and polyisocyanurate sandwich panels in one single operation. This is regardless of whether the panel surface is flat, trapezoidal, or corrugated.

The TPC165 panel cutter was developed by TRUMPF to cut profiles and flat panels that have a depth of up to 165mm. Although panels with a 165mm thickness are what TRUMPF designed the tool for, 4 Cladding Services have tried and tested cutting panels in the UK that are up to 200mm thick. This can still be achieved in one single cut by skilled operators. Suitable for cutting Kingspan composite panels, this TRUMPF power tool will save time and manual labour by providing efficient cutting.

Why Choose the TRUMPF TruTool Cladding Cutter?

When it comes to cutting down or cutting out windows in polyurethane and polyisocyanurate sandwich panels, the TRUMPF TruTool TPC165 is the ultimate solution. Here’s why this panel cutter stands out:

1. Versatility Unleashed:

The TruTool TPC165 defies panel surface limitations. Whether you’re working with flat, trapezoidal, or corrugated panels, this cutter easily handles them. Its versatility ensures you can tackle various panel types and shapes without hassle.

2. Deep Cutting Power:

Designed by TRUMPF, this panel cutter is engineered to cut profiles and flat panels with a depth of up to 165mm. But here’s the remarkable part—4 Cladding Services in the UK have put it to the test, successfully cutting panels up to 200mm thick in one single cut with skilled operators. That’s the kind of power and reliability you can expect from TRUMPF.

3. Efficiency Redefined:

The TruTool TPC165 is a time and labor-saving marvel. If you’re working with Kingspan composite panels or similar materials, this TRUMPF power tool will revolutionise your workflow. Say goodbye to manual, labour-intensive cutting and hello to efficient, precise results.

4. Unmatched Performance:

TRUMPF’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the TruTool TPC165. This panel cutter redefines the standards of performance in the industry, ensuring your projects are completed faster, more accurately, and with less effort.

Choose the TRUMPF TruTool TPC165 for panel-cutting excellence. Experience versatility, deep cutting power, efficiency, and unmatched performance—all in one powerful tool. Elevate your panel-cutting capabilities today!

TRUMPF TruTool Features

The TRUMPF TruTool TPC165 combines safety, precision, longevity, and versatility in a compact package. From clean cuts to ergonomic design, it’s the ultimate panel cutter for your demanding projects. Upgrade your cutting experience with the TruTool TPC165 and unlock its full potential today!

  • Dust Extraction Port For Your Safety: Prioritise safety with the built-in dust extraction port. It keeps your workspace clean and protects you from harmful dust particles, ensuring a healthier working environment.
  • No Need to Drill Pilot Holes for Cut Outs: The TruTool TPC165’s precision eliminates the need for pilot holes when cutting out windows or doors in panels, saving you valuable time.
  • Long Blade Life: Experience significantly longer blade life compared to reciprocation and jigsaw methods. The TruTool TPC165’s durability ensures consistent performance and reduces replacement costs.
  • Very Low HAV (Hand-Arm Vibration): Minimise the risk of hand-arm vibration-related issues. The TruTool TPC165 offers remarkably low HAV compared to reciprocation and jigsaw tools, enhancing operator comfort and safety.
  • No Curved Cuts for Perfect Flashings: Achieve precise, straight cuts with the TruTool TPC165, ensuring flashings fit perfectly the first time. Eliminate the need for adjustments and rework, saving time and material.
  • Factory Finish Cuts: Attain factory-level cutting quality with every use. The TruTool TPC165 delivers clean, precise cuts that meet the highest standards, ideal for architectural panels and premium finishes.
  • Expandable Rail System: Easily join rails together for hip cuts and other intricate tasks. The rail system enhances your tool’s versatility, accommodating various cutting scenarios.
  • High Cut Quality for Architectural Panels: Elevate your projects with superior cut quality. Ideal for high-finish buildings that use architectural panels, the TruTool TPC165 ensures impeccable results every time.
  • Lightweight and Compact Design: Experience the convenience of a lightweight and compact tool. The TruTool TPC165 is much smaller and lighter than 350mm circular saws while still offering a maximum cut depth of 120mm.
  • No Need to Flip Panels: Streamline your workflow by eliminating the need to flip over panels when cutting through materials up to 165mm thick (profiled) or 200mm thick (flat). Save time and effort.

The TRUMPF panel cutter saw can handle diverse applications, ranging from crosscuts and right angles to interior cutouts and notches.

Even cut-outs on pre-mounted panels are easy for this TRUMPF power tool.

Cutting on panels where one side of the sheet can remain uncut (cutbacks) can easily be performed using the TruTool panel cutter.

With a 90degree adjustable blade, you can easily and quickly produce right-angle cutouts.

Another huge plus of the TRUMPF panel cutter is that, as a result of its immersion mechanism, you can start at any location on the panel without a starting drill hole. This enables you to easily produce accurately dimensioned interior cutouts- even on mounted panels.

And you can do all this in one single operation- without finishing work and at an operating speed of four meters per minute. The slide bars attached to the bottom of the support table also provide excellent machine guidance and reduce scratching on the sheet metal surface.

We provide training and support with all our purchases, free of charge! Our training programmes are designed to inform and educate you about the specific equipment you are using and the particular application. Therefore, if you choose to purchase the TRUMPF TruTool panel cutter saw, you know you will be well-educated to use the power tool correctly.

We want to make sure you get the most out of your equipment, and with safety always at the forefront of everything we do, we ensure you know how to use your panel cutter correctly. We also provide continued on-site support after purchase. If you should experience any issues, just give us a call, and we will try to diagnose the problem over the phone; should you require a replacement, we will then arrange this.

If you have any questions or queries about the TRUMPF TruTol panel cutter, please contact our friendly, experienced team. We are here to help you find the right piece of equipment for your needs; safety is always at the forefront of everything we do.

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