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FAQs – Frequently asked questions about our lifting and roofing solutions

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We operate nationally and can deliver to the mainland UK. We can help assist with vacuum lifting machines going to Scottish Highlands & Islands and into Ireland through our partners.
You can use our vacuum lifting equipment with telehandlers; however, moving slung loads around a site is not something we recommend. It is far safer & more efficient if you minimise telehandler movement on-site whilst using our vacuum lifting solutions in conjunction with one.
Feel free to call us and ask any questions you may have; we are more than happy to help. We’re here to provide guidance and help you find the best piece of equipment for your requirements. Take a look at this handy checklist, which simplifies our range of vacuum lifting equipment: vacuum lifter features
Both are vacuum lifters. However, the Cool Boy is designed to lift flat or minimal profiled vertical & horizontal wall panels. The Clad Boy is more versatile and can be set up in different ways to do both roof & wall panels with varying profiles. 
Although Kingspan RW panels look very similar to Steadmans AS35 panels, the stiffening ribs between the crowns have shaper angles on the AS35 panels. This means our standard Clad Boy roof sets are unable to achieve suction, so we have unique SP14 roof sets for use with Steadman's panels.
A dual vacuum Clad Boy is available to purchase & hire. It is significantly larger than the industry-standard single vacuum CB4 unit, however. Although dual vacuum Clad Boys are available, we still recommend using safety straps as a fail-safe solution to help prevent any accidents on site.
Yes, the Clad Boy vacuum lifter is available with wired remote control. 
You can lift PIR/PUR/Quadcore insulation panels with a maximum length of 18m with a Rota Boy. The maximum length of mineral wool & rock wool panels you can lift with a Rota Boy vacuum lifter is 14m.
Unfortunately, you can only lift roof panels with a Rota Boy. Due to the positioning of the suction pads & the rotational mechanism, you cannot use it to lift wall panels. But not to worry, as we offer various vacuum lifting equipment suitable for listing wall panels.
The Pack Boy vacuum lifter consists of forks that slide into the side of packs of panels. Due to this, one side of the Pack Boy is open and not enclosed. This means there could be a risk of wind catching the panel packs when hoisted to the roof and causing an accident. We prioritise health and safety and only provide lifts we know meet health and safety regulations, keeping you safe at all times. Some customers do use Pack Boy to move panels onto roofs. However, they always use a ratchet strap or two to help secure the panel packs onto the Pack Boy assembly.
The Pack Boy Wide vacuum lifting equipment comes with 1.2m wide forks rather than the standard 1m wide forks that a Pack Boy has. This lets you lift packs of 1.2m wide panels quickly and safely.
The Cool Boy 375 is a larger vacuum lifting machine than the Cool Boy 250. This means it has a greater lifting capacity. The numbers denote the Safe Working Load of the units; Cool Boy 250 = 250kg, Cool Boy 375 = 375kg.
There are versions of the Cool Boy machines that can have wireless remote controls. These allow you to operate the suction lifter away from the device itself.
The TRUMPF TPC165 can cut composite panels, also known as metal sandwich panels. It doesn’t matter whether the core of the composite panel is mineral wool, PIR, PUR or Quadcore. As long as the panel is 200mm thick or thinner, the TPC165 panel cutter should cut it.
It can do full cuts of thick panels when the plunge saw is fully plunged. You can set the plunge saw at different increments so you can do partial cuts, which are perfect for cut-backs on panels. Due to the plunging nature of the blade, the TPC165 can also do cuts in the middle of panels for windows and vents.
The maximum weight the GRABO can lift depends on the material you are lifting and in which plane. Take a look at this table for more information: info about grabo vacuum lifter
The GRABO portable vacuum lifter has an excellent battery life, making it a fantastic choice for lifting solutions on the move. If you leave the vacuum pump continuously running, the battery should last anywhere between 1 to 2 hours. If you toggle the vacuum pump on and off when needed, the battery will last longer. It all depends on the material and weight you are lifting.
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Rough slate
  • Rough concrete
  • Drywall
  • Roofing sheets
Training is available both online and face to face. Online training is free of charge and can be accessed anytime as it involves pre-recorded videos. Face-to-face training is available at 4 Cladding Service’s facility, which is also free of charge. Booking is essential for these sessions; however, there is good flexibility to schedule this around you and your team.
Yes, whether physical or online, each training course is specific to the piece of equipment you will be using. It will feature identical equipment, and you can even try operating it yourself if you opt for physical training.
Each training course is specific to you and your application. It will mimic the panels you are lifting and/or cutting.
Our lifting/cutting training is free of charge!
Although all vacuum lifters do the same job, not all vacuum lifters are created equal. For this reason, we thoroughly recommend you receive training specifically on our machines. Each manufacturer may have its own operating procedures, features and peculiarities, which is why we cannot vouch for any other training.
You can hire our lifting/cutting equipment for as little as a day. Some of 4 Cladding’s customers hire machines for a morning, but others hire equipment for a few years. It all depends on you and your project. Tell the team when you have finished, and we will off-hire it, even after a few months. There’s a minimum one week hire of any of 4 Cladding Services’ equipment, regardless if you only hired them for a day.
All of our vacuum lifters are available to hire, including Clad Boy, Rota Boy, Cool Boy, along with the Pack Boy system. In addition, you can hire forklift hooks and TRUMPF TPC165 panel cutters.
Training is available free of charge at 4 Cladding Services’ facility should you want training on your equipment before collection or delivery.
All VIAVAC vacuum lifters come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. This does not include seals, however.
The vacuum lifter will come with a 6-month LOLER certificate as part of the purchase price. When it comes to recertification and servicing of the units, this is chargeable at £325.00 + VAT. This includes collection, service, certification & delivery.
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