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Rota Boy

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Rota Boy – World’s First Vacuum Lifting & Turning Unit

Developed In Conjunction With Kingspan

Rota Boy is the world’s first composite panel lifting unit of its kind. Developed in conjunction with Kingspan, a global leader in high-quality building materials, Rota Boy was the first combined panel lifting and turning unit.

Suitable for all types of interleaved composite roof panels, this unique panel-turning unit machine solves the health and safety issues associated with panel rotation without the risk of panel damage.

We Are The Sole UK Distributor Of VIAVAC Panel Turning Units

VIAVAC are a world-renowned panel lifting and turning unit manufacturer, and 4 Cladding Services are the sole UK dealer of these innovative machines. They design and manufacture devices enabling all sandwich roof and wall panels to be installed efficiently and safely. Safety is at the forefront of VIAVAC’s and 4 Cladding Services minds; all the panel turning and lifting units we have for sale & rent meet UK, European, and Worldwide safety standards.

What is a Rota Boy Panel Lifter?

A Rota Boy Panel Lifter is an innovative and advanced piece of construction equipment designed to streamline the process of handling, lifting, and turning large composite panels. It addresses the challenges associated with manipulating heavy and unwieldy panels during construction projects.

The Rota Boy utilises cutting-edge vacuum suction technology and is powered by internal rechargeable batteries. It offers a convenient solution to lift and secure panels without the need for manual effort. Once panels are securely lifted, the device allows for precise rotation of the panels by 180 degrees, all at the press of a button. This eliminates the labour-intensive and physically demanding process of manually lifting and turning panels, which can often result in fatigue and potential damage to the panels.

Rota Boy Features

The primary benefits of a Rota Boy Panel Lifter include enhanced efficiency, reduced labour requirements, improved safety for workers, and minimised risk of panel distortion or damage. It’s particularly useful for construction projects involving large composite wall and roof panels that must be rotated before installation. The Rota Boy accelerates the installation process and adheres to industry regulations, ensuring compliance with safety standards. Fantastic features of the Rota Boy panel lifting and turning unit include;

  • Combined panel lifting and turning unit, saving time and the need for multiple types of equipment
  • It can be used in all weathers and proven across a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions
  • Jointly developed with Kingspan Insulated Panels, the Rota Boy solves site-based health and safety issues associated with panel turning
  • Battery operated with built-in charger
  • Capable of handling roof panels up to 20m long, subject to panel type and specification
  • Quick and easy to operate, offering time and labour savings and delivering installation efficiency
  • Fully CE marked and compliant with all relevant UK, European and Worldwide regulations and legislation
  • Incorporates advanced safety features, including low vacuum and low battery warning systems, large vacuum reserve and proven secondary safety systems

Why Choose a Rota Boy Panel Turning Unit?

Elevate your construction operations with the revolutionary Rota Boy panel turning unit. Engineered for unparalleled efficiency and safety, this advanced equipment redefines the way composite panels are handled. Say goodbye to manual lifting and turning efforts, as the Rota Boy uses cutting-edge vacuum suction technology to effortlessly secure and rotate panels by 180 degrees at the touch of a button.

By choosing the Rota Boy, you’re opting for accelerated project timelines, reduced labour demands, and a heightened commitment to worker well-being, all while adhering to industry regulations and standards. Experience a new era in panel handling efficiency with the Rota Boy panel lifting and turning unit.

Powered by internal rechargeable batteries, the Rota Boy uses vacuum suction to lift and secure panels. At the press of a button, the panels can then be rotated by 180° without the need for manual effort, panel distortion, or damage.

Designed for efficiency and ease of operation, the Rota Boy provides improved health and safety throughout the panel lifting and turning process. Also, Rota Boy complies with all current UK and European legislation and is suitable for use with panels up to 20m long, subject to panel specification.

Certain types of composite wall and roof panels are delivered to construction sites stacked offset for ease of delivery and to keep panels in fantastic condition throughout the process. But this does make installation a longer process. Before the installation process can begin, you must first rotate the panels. When done manually, the work is strenuous and time-consuming- especially when dealing with large numbers of heavy, long composite panels.

Thanks to VIAVAC, we now have the Rota Boy to solve this issue. Able to turn composite panels and safely lift them, this panel lifting and turning unit reduces manual lifting- saving time and labour.

We provide training and support with all hires or purchases of our products- free of charge! Our training programmes are designed to inform and educate you about the specific vacuum lifting unit you use and the particular application. Therefore, if you choose to purchase the Rota Boy, you know you will be welleducated to use the vacuum lifting and turning unit correctly.

We want to make sure you get the most out of your equipment, and with safety always at the forefront of everything we do, we ensure you know how to use your panel lifting and turning unit correctly. We also provide continued on-site support after purchase. If you should experience any issues, just call us, and we will try to diagnose the problem over the phone; should you require a replacement, we will arrange this.

If you have any questions or queries about Rota Boy or any of our other vacuum lifters, please contact our friendly, experienced team. We are here to help you and find the correct lifter for your needs; safety is always at the forefront of everything we do.

We will never promise a lift we can’t safely and efficiently provide. So, you can rest assured that all work carried out with our panel suction lifters meets health & safety regulations. This is the reason why we offer free training courses with our panel lifting & turning units- we want you to get the most out of our equipment whilst remaining safe at all times. Your safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

Application Areas for the Rota Boy

The versatility of the Rota Boy Panel Turning Unit makes it an indispensable tool across a spectrum of construction scenarios. Whether you’re involved in roofing, cladding, or other panel-related projects, the Rota Boy stands ready to enhance your operations. Here are some key application areas where the Rota Boy shines:

Installing roof panels demands precision and efficiency. The Rota Boy’s ability to lift and rotate panels with ease reduces the time and effort needed for positioning. It ensures a seamless installation process, optimising the final appearance and performance of the roof.

Cladding projects often involve handling numerous panels to achieve a uniform exterior. The Rota Boy’s advanced vacuum suction technology removes lifting and turning strain, allowing for rapid and accurate panel placement. This feature is particularly valuable when dealing with large cladding sheets that require precise positioning.

The Rota Boy is up to the task of projects involving extra-long panels, up to 20 meters in length. Its adaptable design caters to the demands of substantial panels, maintaining efficiency and safety even with oversized materials.

The Rota Boy significantly reduces the risk of worker injuries associated with manual lifting and turning of heavy panels. This makes it ideal for safety-critical environments where prioritising worker well-being is paramount.

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        Rota Boy Frequently Asked Questions

        The Rota Boy is designed to accommodate panels up to 20 meters in length, provided they meet the specified panel requirements.

        Yes, the Rota Boy’s adaptability makes it suitable for a variety of construction applications. Whether you’re working with composite wall panels, large-scale projects, or safety-critical environments, the Rota Boy’s efficiency and safety benefits remain consistent.

        The Rota Boy employs advanced vacuum suction technology that securely grips panels without causing distortion or damage. This technology ensures safe and controlled rotation, maintaining the integrity of the panels.

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