4 Cladding Services: Sole UK Dealer of VIAVAC Vacuum Lifters

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Meet 4 Cladding Services: Sole UK Dealer of VIAVAC Vacuum Lifters

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If you’re searching for reliable and efficient vacuum lifting equipment, you’re in the right place! Our team at 4 Cladding Services will help you choose a machine to simplify lifting bulky material while prioritising the health and safety of your staff. Our stock includes GRABO and VIAVAC equipment dedicated to making panels easier to manage. We are proud to be the sole UK dealer of VIAVAC lifters since their quality is second to none.



VIAVAC creates vacuum lifting tools and glass suction devices from their base in the Netherlands. The Dutch manufacturer enables companies across the globe to transport wall and sandwich roof panels safely with their equipment. VIAVAC has separate dealers across Europe to supply their products to provide exceptional service and advice locally to every customer. 


What Do VIAVAC Offer?

VIAVAC has an extensive range of vacuum lifters for different industries to accommodate loads of all materials and unusual shapes. The Clad Boy, Cool Boy, Glass Boy, Rota Boy and Cool Boy RW are popular offerings, but they’re just the beginning of models available! 


As well as an impressive product line, VIAVAC can create tailored solutions to special requirements. Additionally, you receive maintenance and repair options with any product, quick delivery of spare parts, annual safety inspections, and support with disruptions.


Are VIAVAC Lifters Available For Hire?

You needn’t commit to buying a machine outright! With our vacuum lifter rental options, you can benefit from the power of VIAVAC machines and the team’s expertise without breaking your bank. Hiring from a selection of vacuum lifters reduces the pressure of choosing a versatile machine since you can switch from a glass suction machine to a panel lifter, depending on the task. 

You can expect fair pricing and impressive service with any contract involving VIAVAC.


Meet 4 Cladding Services

So, who are 4 Cladding Services, and what is our affiliation to VIAVAC? Simply put, we are the provider of VIAVAC vacuum lifters to the United Kingdom. We aim to ensure you can transport glass and panels to and from storage as easily as possible. Lifting is one of the biggest threats to the health and safety of your staff. Hence, equipment to simplify the process is well worth close consideration.


What Equipment Do 4 Cladding Services Stock?

4 Cladding Services offer the Clad Boy, the Cool Boy, the Cool Boy RW / 4Flex, the Pack Boy, the Rota Boy, and the Glass Boy. Additionally, we stock TRUMPF power tools and GRABO lifters as a compact vacuum lifting option.


Where Are 4 Cladding Services Based?

Though we’re based in East Yorkshire, 4 Cladding Services operate within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We deliver vacuum lifters anywhere within the United Kingdom and provide telephone support alongside any product.

Our warehouse is located in Brough. If you’re local, you may decide to visit our in-person training sessions. You can meet the team face-to-face! 


How Do I Purchase With 4 Cladding Services?

If you browse our website and find a product you’d like to purchase, the process is simple! Give us a call, and we’ll discuss your requirements. Once you’ve asked every pressing question and you’ve determined the ideal machine, we’ll explore whether you plan to pay upfront or you’d like a rental contract. 

We offer both complete purchases and hiring options at 4 Cladding Services. If you desire, you can rent a machine to trial the mechanisms before you commit to a complete buy.

No matter what you choose, we’ll take payment and arrange the delivery of your product through the phone. We’ll detail it during our consultation if training is required to handle your equipment safely. Ensuring you can benefit from your purchase securely is equally important as taking your details.


4 Cladding Services Delivery Information

As previously mentioned, we can arrange delivery to your address no matter where you’re based in the UK. Once you’ve chosen your product and made a payment, we’ll send your equipment through the post. If you have any special requirements or preferred delivery dates, mention them as you make your purchase. The team will do everything possible to accommodate your requests. Still, we are reliant on stock from VIAVAC, GRABO and TRUMPF since we don’t manufacture the equipment in-house.


If there are any issues with our suppliers, we’ll mention them promptly. 


Free Training From 4 Cladding Services

As the sole supplier of VIAVAC products to the United Kingdom, we provide training & support with every piece of equipment to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Any customers we serve can access a free online portal full of vacuum lifter training courses. We aim to guarantee you’re equipped to mitigate the health and safety hazards introduced by your machinery.


Every model has a specific set of lessons you’ll need to complete, relevant to the unique risks of your machine’s function and the material it is built to handle. Once you’ve finished your course, you’ll receive a self-declaration certificate to prove you’ve taken appropriate steps to protect yourself from injury.


Should our online portal not suffice, 4 Cladding Services can fulfil tutorials through virtual meetings. Better yet, you can book a slot and visit our warehouse in person! Nothing beats an example vacuum lift demonstration, and you can benefit from our expertise entirely free of charge.


Machine Support From 4 Cladding Services

Even though you’ll follow our instructions every time you operate a vacuum lifter, mechanisms can still be faulty, and you may need a repair. Our telephone support can help you to diagnose issues with your equipment. We’ll guide you through separate steps to rectify any straightforward errors for yourself if possible.


Our specialists will arrange a video call with your site operatives for more complex problems. If successful repair is unlikely, we’ll arrange for a replacement machine to be sent. Our priority is always your health, so we’d provide a functional device before leaving you with potentially dangerous and faulty equipment.


Contact 4 Cladding Services

Are you looking to elevate your business? Get in touch with the team at 4 Cladding Services, and we’ll assist you in choosing a VIAVAC lifter to suit your industry and requirements. You can rely on us for exceptional customer service and unbeatable support!