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Trumpf metal roofing shears are the perfect tool for heavy-duty cutting tasks. For high cutting capacity and clean cuts, choose TRUMPF single-cut shears. TRUMPF’s cutting-edge range is a testament to excellence, reliability, and unmatched cutting capabilities. Explore a collection of powerful, durable, and precision-driven shears designed to transform heavy-duty cutting tasks.

From the robust single-cut shears to the versatile TruTool roofing shears range, TRUMPF offers a suite of tools engineered for power, accuracy, and long service life. Embrace clean, efficient cuts and access an extended 5-year warranty for added peace of mind. Join us on a journey where every slice embodies precision, every cut defines perfection—welcome to TRUMPF Shears.

Trumpf TruTool Shears

The Trumpf TruTool roofing shears range is the best in class. It offers powerful, accurate, and reliable cutting. They are durable with a long service life thanks to their brushless motor and a number of other clever design options. They are the perfect option for cutting mild steel, reliably cutting up to 2mm thick (depending on the model). 

Extended 5-Year Trumpf Warranty

When you buy Trumpf single-cut shears from 4 Cladding Services, you are choosing two of the industry’s best businesses. Firstly, Trumpf for their incredible roofing shears. And 4 Cladding Services, for first-class customer service, excellent expert advice, and a host of other benefits. For example, we offer a try-before-you-buy service on Trumpf TruTool shears.

Plus, with us, you can easily access an extended 5-year Trumpf warranty. The extended warranty is available on tools registered with Trumpf, so we pre-register all of our Trumpf Shears for you. The TruTool shears range is durable and requires minimal maintenance, and now you have even more peace of mind.


Buy Trumpf Shears

Don’t settle for less. Choose Trumpf’s industry-leading shears for the best results. Buy them directly from us through our Cladding Mate brand to access your extended warranty and expert support. 

Buy Trumpf Shears direct from Cladding Mate!

Trumpf Shears Features

  • Cut up to 1.6mm thick metal sheets
  • Brushless motor for near limitless service life
  • Compatible with CAS batteries
  • Powerful Trumpf batteries available
  • Compact design
  • A range of parts and accessories are available
  • Extended 5-year Trumpf warranty

The TruTool shears range is a versatile selection of tools, including;

You will find the ideal solution for both flat and profile metal sheets within the range. The S114 shears are suitable for cutting and trimming C, L, and U profiles. Trumpf S250 shears are ideal for mild steel up to 2mm thick and perform excellently with curves. The S160 delivers easy cutting (even on curves) up to 1.6mm thick.

We know that TruTool shears are not the cheapest products on the market. But they more than justify their price. Trumpf tools outperform mid-range products to save you more time and money. But we don’t just want to tell you how excellent Trumpf single-cut shears are. We want you to experience it for yourself. We offer a try-before-you-buy service so you can get hands-on and see what sets TruTool shears apart from the rest. 

Learn more about our Trumpf try before you buy scheme.

In addition to a complete range of TruTool shear models, we also provide a range of accessories. We supply powerful Trumpf batteries, cutters, and Trumpf tool storage boxes. Explore the full range and find all the tools and accessories you need for reliable sheet metal cutting.

Explore Precision Cutting: Shop TRUMPF Shears Now

Ready to experience precision cutting at its finest? Explore our comprehensive range of TRUMPF Shears today and elevate your cutting capabilities. From powerful single-cut shears to versatile TruTool roofing shears, find the perfect tool for your metalworking needs.

Shop now and discover the excellence of TRUMPF Shears with our Cladding Mate brand.

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        TRUMPF Shears FAQs

        How do TRUMPF Shears Work?

        TRUMPF Shears operate with precision and power, employing a robust cutting mechanism designed to tackle heavy-duty cutting tasks effortlessly. These specialised tools feature sharp blades and a brushless motor that ensures near-limitless service life. Whether it’s the single-cut shears or the TruTool roofing shears, TRUMPF tools deliver accurate cuts, seamlessly slicing through materials with up to 2mm thickness. The shears’ compact design, compatibility with CAS batteries, and availability of a range of parts and accessories enhance their versatility, making them an indispensable asset for various metalworking tasks.


        What is the Difference Between Shears and Slitting Shears?

        Shears are versatile cutting tools used across various applications. They typically resemble large scissors and are designed for general cutting tasks. In contrast, Slitting Shears, including TRUMPF Shears, are specialised tools specifically engineered for cutting narrow strips from sheet materials without producing waste. They offer precision in separating sheets into desired widths without distorting the material, ideal for tasks requiring clean, accurate cuts with minimal material loss. Slitting shears excel in providing straight, precise cuts in various materials, including metals, plastics, and fabrics. While shears offer a broader utility in general cutting tasks, slitting shears focus on meticulous, precision-based cutting, making them indispensable for specific applications demanding utmost accuracy and minimal material wastage.

        Learn more about TRUMPF Slitting Shears.


        What distinguishes TRUMPF Shears from other cutting tools?

        TRUMPF Shears stand out for their precision, power, and durability. Engineered with a brushless motor, they offer a near-limitless service life and are adept at handling heavy-duty cutting tasks with remarkable accuracy.


        What materials can TRUMPF Shears effectively cut?

        TRUMPF Shears are designed to cut various materials, including metals like steel and aluminium, with different models capable of handling materials up to 2mm thick. They offer versatility across a range of metalworking applications.


        Do TRUMPF Shears require frequent maintenance?

        These shears are designed for minimal maintenance, thanks to their durable construction and brushless motor technology. They offer a reliable, long service life with minimal upkeep requirements.