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TRUMPF Slitting Shears

TRUMPF Slitting Shears

TRUMPF Slitting Shears

For lightweight straight metal sheet cutting with minimal distortion, TRUMPF slitting shears are the ideal choice. These cutting-edge tools redefine efficiency, delivering clean, accurate cuts without warping or distorting materials.

Our range boasts a lineup of exceptional slitting shears, including the C160, C200, and C250 models. These slitting shears are meticulously engineered to effortlessly handle light gauge sheet metal up to 1.6mm thick, offering remarkable precision and minimal waste. TRUMPF slitting shears are not just tools; they are solutions designed to elevate your cutting experience.

Explore our detailed guide below to unveil the exceptional features, extended warranty, and diverse range of TRUMPF slitting shears.

What are Slitting Shears?

Slitting shears are an amazing cutting tool, and they don’t come any better than TRUMPF’s amazing range. Filled with incredible slitting shears, including the C160, C200, and C250, this range of slitting shears will make easy work of light gauge sheet metal up to 1.6mm thick. We have slitting shears for flat and profiled sheets, tubing, and more. Slitting shears cut a narrow sheet, allowing you to separate a sheet into two parts (plus the removed strip) with minimal waste. TRUMPF slitting shears are a fast-cutting solution that delivers clean cuts without.


How Slitting Shears Work

Slitting shears operate by employing a scissor-like cutting action to trim narrow strips from sheet materials. These specialised tools feature sharp blades that create precise cuts along the material, allowing users to separate sheets into desired widths without generating waste. By employing controlled cutting mechanisms, slitting shears ensure clean, accurate cuts while minimising material distortion. This process grants users the flexibility to tailor sheet materials to specific dimensions, enhancing efficiency and reducing material waste in various applications.

Extended 5-Year TRUMPFWarranty

TRUMPF slitting shears are built to last. They combine a brushless motor with many other features to provide a near-endless service life. TRUMPF slitting shears are designed to be virtually wear-free and require minimal maintenance. 

For further peace of mind, our TRUMPF slitting shears come with an extended 5-year TRUMPF warranty. The extended warranty is only available with registered slitting shears, so we’ve pre-registered all of our slitting shears for you. 


Buy TRUMPF Slitting Shears

Improve productivity with reliable, fast, and accurate sheet metal cutting from one of the industry’s biggest names. Buy your TRUMPF slitting shears directly from us through our Cladding Mate roofing tool brand. 

Buy TRUMPF Slitting Shears today!

TRUMPF Slitting Shear Features

Engineered for speed, precision, and durability, these tools redefine efficiency in lightweight metal sheet cutting. From fast, warp-free cutting to unimpeded views of the cutting line, TRUMPF Slitting Shears offer an array of features designed to elevate your metalworking experience.

  • Fast cutting
  • Do NOT deform or warp material, or scratch metal sheet surface
  • Unimpeded view of cutting line for precise cutting
  • Does not require adjusting – they’re ready to go
  • Chip cutter options available 
  • Various cutters and blades are available
  • Low vibration and easy to handle
  • Extended 5-year TRUMPF warranty

We stock a complete range of TRUMPF slitting shears, including;

  • TRUMPF C160 Slitting Shears
  • TRUMPF C200 Slitting Shears
  • TRUMPF C250 Slitting Shears

Between the models in the TruTool slitting shears range, you will be able to take on any light gauge sheet metal cutting task, including flat and profiled sheets.

We stock TRUMPF TruTool slitting shears because we know and trust TRUMPF to produce high-performance and long-lasting tools. They are a premium brand with a well-earned reputation. But the higher performance incurs a higher price than mid-range shears. However, we know once you try them, you’ll see they are more than worth the price. This is why we offer a try-before-you-buy scheme. Get to grips with TruTool slitting shears before making a purchase – learn more about our TRUMPF try before you buy scheme

We offer a complete selection of accessories to enable you to get more from your slitting shears. Keep your shears going for longer with rechargeable TRUMPF battery packs. Expand your capabilities with cutting tools. And safely store your tools with our TRUMPF storage boxes

Explore Precision Cutting with TRUMPF Slitting Shears

Ready to revolutionise your metalworking capabilities? Explore our collection of precision-engineered TRUMPF Slitting Shears today and unlock unparalleled efficiency in sheet metal cutting. Whether you seek warp-free precision or the assurance of an extended warranty, our range has it all. Get in touch with our expert team for personalised advice and further information. Elevate your cutting experience with TRUMPF Slitting Shears.

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        TRUMPF Slitting Shears FAQs

        What are slitting shears, and how do they differ from other cutting tools?

        Slitting shears are specialised cutting tools used to cut narrow strips from sheet materials without generating waste. Unlike traditional shears or saws, slitting shears create precise cuts, allowing for minimal material loss.


        What types of materials can TRUMPF Slitting Shears handle?

        TRUMPF Slitting Shears excels in cutting various materials, including light gauge sheet metals up to 1.6mm thick. They efficiently handle flat and profiled sheets, tubing, and more.


        Are TRUMPF Slitting Shears easy to maintain?

        Absolutely, TRUMPF Slitting Shears are designed for minimal maintenance. Their virtually wear-free construction and brushless motor ensure a prolonged service life with minimal upkeep. However, if you do encounter issues with your TRUMPF slitting shears, you can get in touch with our expert team for help and advice.


        What factors should be considered when choosing slitting shears?

        When selecting slitting shears, factors such as cutting capacity (thickness and type of material), the precision of cuts, ease of maintenance, and available accessories should be considered to ensure they align with your specific cutting requirements.