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GRABO Lifter – The World’s First Portable Vacuum Lifter

GRABO is the first portable vacuum lifter. Patented in 2019, this hand-held vacuum lifter changed expectations of heavy-lifting equipment. It provides efficient lifting whilst meeting all health and safety regulations. It is high-quality, easy to use, and guaranteed to save time and labour, especially in construction. There is a good reason why GRABO is a bestseller in many countries. 

Make Heavy Lifting Easy With GRABO

This innovative portable vacuum lifter makes heavy lifting more manageable and safer. It is a fantastic tool for a range of industries and applications. GRABO is suitable for use on porous and non-porous materials. You can use GRABO for the following:

  • Tile lifting
  • Glass lifting
  • Lifting cladding & composite panels
  • Lifting paving stones
  • Lifting granite & kitchen worktops

The battery life can last 1 to 2 hours with the pump continuously running. When lifting non-porous materials, you can toggle the pump on and off, extending battery life to a full day. So when using this portable vacuum lifter, you won’t need to worry about the battery life.

Handheld Vacuum Lifter Features

  • Lightweight & easy to handle and use
  • Vacuum gauge to show current vacuum level
  • Carry case with spare seal & carry strap
  • Comes with a spare battery and a charging cable
  • Can be used on flat and lightly profiled panels
  • Can be used on some porous material
  • Zipped fabric bag
  • 2x batteries
  • 1x spare seal
  • 3-pin charging plug & cable

Explore the full GRABO hand-held lifting tool range.

We provide free support with every portable vacuum lifter purchase. You’ll get all the information you need when you choose to buy our portable, hand-held vacuum lifter. 

Ensuring you receive the proper support is important to us for two main reasons;

Firstly, we place safety at the forefront of everything we do. 

Secondly, we want to make sure you get the most from your lifting tools. 

In addition to any initial conversations, you will also have access to ongoing support from our team. If you encounter any issues, speak with our vacuum lifting experts. We will work to diagnose the problem over the phone and can liaise directly with GRABO on your behalf if necessary. 

We don’t only offer after-purchase care. Our friendly team are happy to share their expertise to help you choose the right tool for the job. Do you have questions about GRABO or any of our other vacuum lifters? Talk to our team. They’ll gladly help you make the right choice for your needs.

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        GRABO Vacuum Lifter FAQs

        For more information on the GRABO portable vacuum lifter, find the answers to our most frequently asked questions below. Alternatively, contact us today for more advice and guidance on

        The GRABO vacuum lifter is engineered to handle heavy loads, boasting an impressive weight-lifting capacity of up to 170kg. This robust lifting capability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from handling large tiles and glass panels to lifting heavy cladding and granite slabs. With its reliable suction technology and sturdy construction, the GRABO vacuum lifter provides a safe and efficient solution for lifting heavy materials in various industries.

        The GRABO Pro and GRABO Plus machines are both vacuum lifters designed to handle heavy materials, but they have notable differences. The GRABO Pro stands out as the more advanced option, featuring a digital display that provides real-time information about the maximum weight that can be safely lifted at any given moment. Additionally, the GRABO Pro includes a Smart pressure sensor that intelligently monitors and maintains optimal suction, ensuring secure lifting.

        The GRABO vacuum lifter is a versatile lifting tool that excels at handling various materials with ease. Its powerful suction technology allows it to effortlessly lift heavy tiles, delicate glass panels, sturdy cladding, durable paving stones, and even solid granite and kitchen worktops. With its reliable grip and adjustable suction force, the GRABO vacuum lifter ensures efficient and secure lifting for a wide range of materials in different applications.

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