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Glass Boy GB-H

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Glass Boy GB-H Panel Lifter from VIAVAC

The Glass Boy GB-H vacuum glass lifter is available for hire or purchase, alongside maintenance and training from our vacuum lifting experts.

The Glass Boy GB-H is the most heavy-duty glass lifter from the Glass Boy range. It is manufactured by VIAVAC – the vacuum lifter experts behind the Clad Boy, Cool Boy, and Rota Boy series.

Industry-Leading Glass Lifting Equipment

The GB-H glass vacuum lifter has a staggering capacity of up to 1,800kg, uses a quad circuit, and offers several configurations. The many configuration options enable the GB-H to handle and install small and narrow panels (as light as 600kg) and large and long glass panels. Alongside the other Glass Boy vacuum lifter products, the GB-L and GB-X, the GB-H glass vacuum lifter helps meet all of your glass panel lifting needs.

UK’s Sole Distributor of the Glass Boy GB-H

VIAVAC is one of the biggest names in vacuum lifting and is known globally for its excellent panel lifting solutions. VIAVAC vacuum lifters are known for their high performance and reliability, so we are proud to be their sole UK distributor. If you want to experience the GB-H for yourself, 4 Cladding Services are the people to speak to. 

GB-H Features

The GB-H glass panel lifter provides several excellent features, expanding its installation and lifting capabilities. GB-H features include:

  • A range of configurations allows for use with long, narrow panels as well as larger glass panels
  • Hydraulic tilting mechanism
  • Motorised rotary movement allowing 360-degree rotation of glass elements
  • Battery operated with built-in charger
  • Carry capacity of up to 1,800Kg
  • Wireless remote suction release option available
  • UK, European and Worldwide regulations and legislation compliance

At 4 Cladding Services, your safety is our top concern. We strive to create more efficient, effective, and safer workplaces. That’s why we love the VIAVAC GB-H professional glass vacuum lifter. The Glass Boy GB-H has a range of safety features, including:

  • Low battery and low vacuum warning systems
  • A large vacuum reserve
  • Secondary safety systems

The Glass Boy GB-H vacuum lifter for glass makes light work of glass panel transport and installations. The GB-H makes the whole process more efficient (and safer). Increased productivity is valuable on any worksite, helping you deliver your projects on time and save money on labour costs. Plus, less breakage means more savings too. 

The Glass Boy GB-H is available for hire or purchase. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, and even our glass vacuum lifter purchase options are designed to accommodate your needs. We proudly offer amazing hire options which provide great value and set industry benchmarks.

We want you to get the most out of every vacuum lifter we offer (and stay safe whilst doing so). This is why we provide vacuum lifter training for the GB-H. Our Glass Boy GB-H vacuum lifter training is available online and will guide you through this specific model and its applications.

If you want a more hands-on training experience, schedule an in-person training session. We deliver in-person training, including demonstrations, from our 20,000ft² warehouse and workshop. Get in touch to learn more.

Ensuring your GB-H lifter is in top condition is important for maximising productivity and meeting safety standards. We will help you keep your GB-H operating at its best with our range of vacuum lifter servicing and maintenance services. We make all servicing, repairs and maintenance convenient for you.

We work around you and your business to ensure minimum disruption to operations whilst maintenance is taking place. We can schedule our services around your site downtime and planned projects, and you can even hire a like-for-like glass vacuum lifter from us. Making the whole process hassle-free!

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        GB-H Glass Vacuum Lifter FAQs

        Yes. The Glass Boy range also includes the Glass Boy GB-L (with a carry weight of 250Kg – 500Kg) and Glass Boy GB-X (with a carry capacity of 400Kg – 800Kg).

        As part of our commitment to making your installations easier, even delivering the GB-H has been made straightforward. Using a specially designed transportation frame, the Glass Boy GB-H can easily be transported without specialist equipment.

        Yes. The Glass Boy GB-H, like all VIAVAC vacuum lifters, comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. (VIAVAC manufacturer warranty excludes seals and straps.)