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Clad Boy CB5

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Clad Boy CB5 Dual Circuit Vacuum Lifter

The Clad Boy CB5 takes many amazing aspects of the CB4 and puts them into a dual circuit vacuum lifter. This vacuum lifter offers excellent features and makes light work of sandwich wall and roof panel installations.

At 4 Cladding Services, we have the following Clad Boy vacuum lifters available to hire or purchase:

About VIAVAC’s Clad Boy CB5

The Clad Boy CB5 is an impressive dual circuit vacuum lifter from the VIAVAC Clad Boy series. It provides high-quality performance and a selection of excellent safety measures. VIAVAC has rightfully earned a worldwide reputation for excellence, and that’s why we are proud to be the sole supplier of VIAVAC products in the UK.

Clad Boy CB5 Specifications and Features

The Clad Boy CB5 is a dual-circuit vacuum lifter boasting similiar impressive specs as the Clad Boy CB4. It also offers fantastic features such as 90° tilt (with locking at each 90°), enabling flat and inclined installations.

The CB5 has an 800kg lifting capacity and works with both wall panels (up to 14m long) and roof panels (up to 25m long). The CB5 can lift solar panels, heavy rock wool panels, and steel roofing sheets. It can lift additional panel types with specialised suction pads. 

The CB5 also offers many safety features, including low battery warning systems, a large vacuum reserve, and secondary safety systems. The Clad Boy CB5 is battery-operated with a built-in charger.

In addition to the many panel types which can be lifted with the standard CB5, you can lift corrugated panels and roof tile profiles by adding specialised suction pads. We offer a range of suction pads and accessories for the Clad Boy CB5 so you can get the most from it and use it on even more projects. Speak to our expert team to discuss your needs and find the right vacuum lifting solution. 

All of our vacuum lifters are available to purchase or hire. The CB5 is a versatile lifter and often useful across many projects, making it a fantastic investment. However, if you only have limited uses for the CB5, our hire options may be a better choice. We’re happy to talk about your needs and find the option that suits you best. 

At 4 Cladding Services, we are dedicated to helping you uphold the highest safety standards. This is why we provide free vacuum lifter training for the Clad Boy CB5. Our free training will not only help you get the most from the CB5 by using it optimally to maximise performance and increase efficiency, but it will also help ensure it is used safely.

The CB5 also comes with a 12-month warranty. We will keep your Clad Boy CB5 Vacuum lifter running smoothly and delivering optimal performance. This is essential not only for efficiency but site safety too. We provide LOLER testing and servicing and will repair or replace your CB5 as required to uphold site safety standards.

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        Clad Boy CB5 FAQs

        Our free CB5 vacuum lifter training is available online. Our training will show you how to use the equipment and is specific to the vacuum lifter and application you are using. If you would like further training or assistance, you can visit us for in-person training delivered in our warehouse and workshop building. Our face-to-face training also includes a vacuum lifter demonstration. 

        Yes, the CB5 meets LOLER regulation requirements and is CE marked. We will combine LOLER tests with servicing to ensure each product continues to meet the required standards.

        Yes, we offer other Clad Boy products, such as the single-circuit CB4 vacuum lifter.  We also provide VIAVAC’s other top products, including the Glass Boy and Cool Boy, with the same high levels of support and training and hire options. 

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