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What Can a Clad Boy Lift?

The Clad Boy is an essential part of the construction industry and has revolutionised how people safely lift and move heavy objects. The Clad Boy has coined the title of the ‘all-rounder’ of vacuum lifters because it can do it all. From installing sandwich roof panels to Kingspan composite panels, there’s almost nothing it can’t lift.

Top Benefits of the Clad Boy

The Clad Boy has many benefits that make lifting easy. It is an all-singing, all-dancing tool that can be used for various projects. Some of the key features of the Clad Boy are:

  • Versatility – it can lift all types of roof and Kingspan wall panels
  • Quick & easy to operate – saving you time and labour costs by helping you complete jobs quicker
  • Fully compliant with UK & European standards
  • It can handle both standard and narrow roof panels
  • It can be used in any environment & all weather
  • Advanced safety features – including low vacuum, a low battery warning & large vacuum reserve


What Weight & Length Can a Clad Boy Lift?

One of the best features of a Clad Boy vacuum lifter is its capacity to lift. The Clad Boy can lift roof panels up to 27m long and wall panels up to 800kg in weight.

 What Does This Equate to?

The Clad Boy can handle a maximum weight of 800kg. So, what does this equate to in the wider world? The following things weigh approximately 800kg, so technically, the Clad Boy vacuum lifter could lift and move them, but you probably shouldn’t try it!

  • A cow – The average farmyard cow weighs approximately 800kg.
  • A polar bear & its cub – Polar bears are pretty heavy, but not heavy enough for the Clad Boy.
  • One & a half grand pianos – Piano movers have to do some serious heavy lifting. They could certainly benefit from using a Clad Boy next time.
  • 3 Cubic metres of snow – It’s hard to imagine something as light as a snowflake weighing 800kg, but 3 cubic metres of it is pretty hefty.
  • Four reindeer – We know that Santa’s reindeer can fly, but if they wanted a hand, the Clad Boy could help.
  • Nine & half kegs of beer – The Clad Boy could help you out with lifting a barrel or two at your next party.
  • Fourteen octopuses – They may look weightless swimming underwater, but octopuses are heavier than you might think.
  • Eighty Dachshunds – These cute little dogs are easy to carry by hand, but try hauling eighty of them.
  • One Hundred Bowling Balls – Bowling balls in bulk could do some serious damage.
  • 250 bricks – Bricks are often transported by other means on a building site, but the Clad Boy could technically lift 250 of them at once.
  • 500 human brains – Perhaps you’ve never really thought about the weight of your brain, but to put it in perspective, the Clad Boy could lift 500 of them.


Safely Operating Your Clad Boy

The Clad Boy is capable of a lot. While lifting this kind of weight may seem impressive, trained professionals must use the tool safely and correctly. As mentioned above, a Clad Boy has excellent safety features, but it is only ever as safe as its operator. The appropriate training must be carried out to ensure heavy loads are lifted properly in line with the safety guidelines.

4 Cladding offers free training and support with all hired and purchases of our vacuum lifters. Our training programs have been specially designed to inform and educate the user so they can use their lifter safely. We also provide on-site support if you are experiencing any issues with your vacuum lifter. Simply give us a call, and our team will be on hand to resolve any problems.