Everything You Need To Know About Clad Boy Vacuum Lifter

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Everything You Need To Know About Clad Boy

clad boy vacuum lifter

If you are already familiar with the world of vacuum lifters, then you will no doubt have heard or used a Clad Boy. This is the industry’s top piece of panel suction machinery and the most widely used. Now available in a much broader range, Clad Boy products never fail on quality and are guaranteed to meet all of your lifting requirements. 


Why is Clad Boy so popular?

Clad Boys are famed for their versatility in a wide range of settings. Their functions are suited to a variety of construction projects. They are also easy to use and reliable, which is essential when lifting heavy objects such as large panel sheets. It is often called the “all-rounder” of vacuum lifters because it can work with roof and wall sandwich panels. 


The lifter can be uniquely configured to any installation method and still works well, whether lifting long or short panels. The Clad Boy is also one of the most efficient vacuum lifters on the market. Depending on the construction project, time can be of the essence, so having a vacuum lifter that works safely & quickly is ideal. It is easy to transport too, so it can be moved to any number of locations whenever needed. Need we say more?


Who makes Clad Boy products?

Clad Boy products are brought to you by world-renowned and industry-leading company VIAVAC. They are experts in designing the best panel suction lifters to suit all kinds of lifting scenarios. Safety is the most crucial feature of all of their products. Vacuum lifters are designed to remove the danger and risk of injury when manually lifting heavy materials. However, your entire construction team is at risk of potentially fatal injury without a secure lifting apparatus. You need to rely on your vacuum lifter and trust it will complete the job. With VIAVAC Clad Boys, you rest assured that there will be a machine up to the task.


What are the different types of Clad Boy lifters?

There are three types of Clad Boy panel lifters, and you can get them all here at 4 Cladding. The three models available are the CB3 and CB4, both single circuit vacuum lifters, and the dual-circuit CB5. Each is powered by internal batteries, which are easily rechargeable. We can recommend the most appropriate model based on the load you lift and environmental factors (indoor/outdoor). 


What is the difference between a single & double circuit?

All vacuum lifters must be used alongside secondary safety devices on any construction site according to the rules outlined by CE directives. If you are operating a Clad Boy with a single circuit, you MUST use extra safety precautions in the form of safety straps to secure the load. The key benefit of using a single circuit lifter is fewer suction pads are needed for a higher lifting capacity. 


Some construction companies opt for the CB5 with a dual vacuum circuit. The additional circuit removes the need for the secondary safety device. If one circuit fails, the other acts as a backup and bears the entire load independently. This reduces the risk of injury massively without using extra measures such as safety straps, saving you time.


What are Clad Boy’s key features?

Each Clad Boy comes with a range of excellent features, making them a favourite in the construction industry. All models offer a clear audible warning indicating low vacuum pressure. You won’t need to worry about running out of power either, as each Clad Boy comes with extra-long battery life and a built-in charger, with a voltmeter that shows the current battery level. Each model can lift horizontal and vertical Kingspan wall panels and flat and pitched roof panels. 


How to safely operate your Clad Boy

When it comes to your Clad Boy machinery, it will operate as safely as the user. That is why you must carry out the appropriate training for the model you are using. Vacuum lifters make handling heavy materials much safer than other methods. However, the process does not come without hazards. 


All lifting should be carried out by trained individuals or under the supervision of a fully qualified person in the process and in using the equipment. Our team at 4 Cladding Services will always recommend the ideal vacuum lifter for the load you need to lift, based on the information you provide. We will also consider the area where you will be lifting to see the best positioning for the Clad boy machinery to be installed. We will keep you fully informed along the way to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the process. If we deem the load too heavy or unsuitable in size or structure, we will advise you on the best course of action. 


It is our duty to keep you safe and to take the weight of heavy lifting off your shoulders. The Clad Boy is our number one selling product, and it is clear why. Its features improve the safety and ease of the lifting process and help your construction run more efficiently. To arrange your Clad Boy installation, get in touch with a member of our team today

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