How to Choose The Right Vacuum Lifter For Your Application

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Choosing The Right Vacuum Lifter For Your Application

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Vacuum lifters are an underrated and widely uncelebrated piece of lifting equipment. Though they may not be the first machine to come to your mind when moving material, they come in handy in many different circumstances! Whether you’re transporting composite roof panels or shifting bulky loads, there’ll be a model to meet your needs.


When you’re in the roofing, cladding and facade sector, there is no piece of lifting equipment better suited to the demands of your job. At 4 Cladding Services, we’re mindful of everything you’ll need to consider when picking a model! Please read our guide to choosing the suitable vacuum lifter for your application below.


Firstly, What Is A Vacuum Lifter?

Vacuum lifting equipment is aptly named since it uses a vacuum to help you move material. The system includes a vacuum pump and a lifting tube connected by a hose. Any lifter has a suction head and a suction foot. The suction foot is where your machine contacts the load, either on vacuum pads or suction cups. No matter which device you choose, all vacuum lifters function similarly. 


Larger vacuum pumps require wider suction cups to withstand heavier loads. Depending on your requirements, a compact vacuum lifter or an industrial device could suit. No matter their size, when your suction cups meet your material, they interrupt the airflow of your vacuum. An airtight seal forms between your load and the cup, allowing you to lift and transport your goods anywhere.


Is A Vacuum Lifter Right For You?

We’re glad you’ve asked. Vacuum lifters have some unexpected benefits that you’ll appreciate both on construction sites and in your warehouse.


The Benefits of Vacuum Lifters:

  • Vacuum lifters only require a single operator, so your need for staffing is reduced.
  • Vacuum lifters are ergonomic since they’re easy to grip and handle, reducing strain.
  • Vacuum lifters reduce workplace injuries due to their straightforward function and sleek design.
  • Vacuum lifters don’t hold your load from the edges, so damage to your material is avoided.
  • Vacuum lifters leave no mark on glass, where fingerprints cause dirty smudges.


So, you could undoubtedly utilise a vacuum device in your lifting equipment. All you’ve got to do is determine which brand and model is both cost-effective and practical for your business.


What Models Of Vacuum Lifter Are Available?

With 4 Cladding Services, you can browse a range of vacuum lifters. We are the sole UK provider of VIAVAC vacuum lifters-  we stock six pieces of their equipment to manoeuvre material around your workspace. At the same time, GRABO offers a compact machine for tighter spaces. Let us introduce you to them all and explain the key features of each model to help you figure out which is worth your investment.


The Clad Boy Panel Suction Lifter

If your most considerable concern is versatility, the Clad Boy vacuum lifter is the model for you. There are three members of the Clad Boy family to choose from, including the CB3, the CB4 and the CB5. Every machine is designed to handle horizontal wall panels, vertical wall panels, and flat or pitched roof panels. Any Clad Boy model is compatible with a range of attachments so that you can handle different widths and textures of material. With the CB4 or the CB5, you can manage up to 800kg loads. The CB5 boasts dual vacuum circuits, meaning two separate and secure buffer tanks.


The Rota Boy Lifting And Turning Unit

When you’re faced with the task of rotating panels as well as transporting them, the Rota Boy is what you need. Our Rota Boy machine can lift and turn weights up to 350kg. You can avoid the health and safety risks associated with panel rotation on surprisingly weighty loads.


The Pack Boy Panel Handler

Our Pack Boy vacuum lifter manages longer loads so that you can shift large composite panels in one go. This model is a modular compression beam with forks, enabling you to safely unload large panel packs from any delivery vehicle onto the ground. The strength of the Pack Boy is one impressive benefit since it can accommodate loads up to 3600kg.


The Glass Boy Vacuum Lifter

Glass is fragile and easy to smudge when you’re working fast, but the Glass Boy lifting equipment will make life easier. With the security of a vacuum cup, you can avoid damage or fingerprints on delicate material! Depending on your needs, there are three models to browse: GB-L, GB-X, and GB-H. The GB-L can manage loads from 250kg to 500kg and dimensions 3m x 4m. One level up, the GB-X lifts a weight from 400kg to 800kg, and measurements of 4m x 4m. The GB-H is the strongest of the options, transporting loads from 600kg to 1,800kg.


The Cool Boy Forklift Lifter

If you’re responsible for heavy loads that you can’t transport with the power of your workforce alone, the Cool Boy is the machine for you. We recommend the Cool Boy, particularly if you’re in the interior or firewall sector and need to move flat wall panels! The device is lightweight and more compact than the Clad Boy, but it can still accommodate weights reaching 375kg. 


The Cool Boy RW / 4Flex

Should you need to transport wall panels, either vertically or horizontally, the Cool Boy RW / 4Flex is designed for you. With all the features and benefits of the original Cool Boy, this upgraded design can also lift profiled and curved wall panels with ease. Our machine is fully operable with cranes and forklift hook attachments, so you can safely complete any task no matter what you require.


The GRABO Compact Lifter

Perhaps you don’t have the room to store a bulky vacuum lifter, or you’re constantly changing environments to complete tasks. The GRABO lifter is portable; you won’t be weighed down with unmanageable baggage. This model can securely move porous and non-porous materials, providing tile lifting, paving stone transportation, and the ability to hold cladding and glass panels too. Your GRABO compact lifter can manage loads up to 170kg.


So, Which Vacuum Lifter Is Right For Your Application?

All summaries above should help you identify the most significant benefits to each machine and determine which is best suited for your role. You must carefully consider the weight you’re responsible for managing and picking your model accordingly. There are suggested limits for manual handling with your employees. Women are encouraged to lift only up to 16kg and men to 25kg. Keep this in mind, or you could be liable to pay compensation in the event of injury.


The versatility of the Clad Boy makes it an ideal first choice for any labourer, while a compact GRABO lifter suits handypersons on the go. If you’re still unsure which vacuum lifting device would be most effective for you and you’d like additional support, get in touch with the team at 4 Cladding Services.

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