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Glass Boy GB-X Glass Vacuum Lifter From VIAVAC

The Glass Boy GB-X Vacuum Lifter is available at 4 Cladding Services for purchase or hire with maintenance and servicing included. 

The GB-X is the mid-range vacuum lifter in the Glass Boy range. Emphasising a compact design, the GB-X is perfect for most glass panels. Created by the industry-recognised VIAVAC, this glass lifter is built on the latest vacuum technology.

Glass Vacuum Lifter From World Experts

The GB-X boasts an impressive 400kg – 800kg carry weight. This is more than the GB-L but less than the larger, more heavy-duty GB-H. It offers the perfect middle ground – a comfortable balance of excellent lifting capacity and a sleek, compact design. 

Offering a robust, reliable, and secure lifting option, this system is designed to handle a variety of glass panel types. Its versatility is evident in its 7 configurations, capable of accommodating glass panels measuring up to 4m x 4m. This dual-circuit lifter excels in effortlessly managing the installation of glass panels of different shapes and sizes.

Specialists in Glass Boy GB-X Vacuum Lifters

Here at 4 Cladding Services, we are proud to be the sole UK supplier of VIAVAC vacuum lifters. We are experts when it comes to VIAVAC products – including the Clad Boy, Cool Boy, and Rota Boy ranges. We know the ins and outs of VIAVAC products, which is why we know they’re an excellent solution for you. It also means you can rely on first-rate maintenance, repairs, and servicing (including LOLER testing) when you buy a Glass Boy GB-X from us. 

If you need any more information about the GB-X or any of our other products, contact us today, and our experts can help. 

Glass Boy GB-X Features

The GB-X offers a range of different features that make the glass installation process that little bit easier. GB-X features include: 

  • Industry-leading vacuum technology
  • Versatile with its 6 configurations for a range of panel shapes and sizes
  • 400 – 800kg carrying capacity
  • 90° tilting and lockable in 5 positions
  • 360° rotation with 8 lockable positions
  • Radio remote control available
  • Meets UK, European, and Worldwide regulations

We offer several purchase and hire options for the GB-X vacuum lifter. The GB-X will help you speed up installations saving you money on labour costs, as well as preventing expensive breakages. We want to help you make the best purchase or hire option for you. 

If you only need the Glass Boy GB-X for limited uses, one of our hire options may be more economical. Alternatively, if you project you will use the lifter regularly, the continued savings more than justify purchasing the GB-X.

The Glass Boy GB-X vacuum lifter offers many fantastic benefits that will make your work environment a more productive place. Some GB-X benefits include:

  • Easier, more efficient, and safer installation
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Minimising risk of breakages 
  • Safer work environment 
  • Ability to deal with a range of installations and projects

The GB-X glass vacuum lifter has a dual-circuit safety system and several other features for maximising on-site safety. The GB-X provides industry-leading suction technology with low battery and low vacuum warning systems. 

It also has a large vacuum reserve. Additionally, its remote control options are a great safe alternative to manually accessing hard-to-reach areas. More importantly, the GB-X glass panel lifter meets LOLER and all other necessary UK, European, and Worldwide regulations.

The Glass Boy GB-X is designed to require minimal maintenance. However, at 4 Cladding Services, we are always on hand to carry out vacuum lifter repairs. We offer after-purchase support, which is also covered by a 12-month manufacturer warranty. This includes ongoing maintenance and servicing, which includes LOLER testing. Additionally, we stock replacement and spare parts to ensure we can keep your GB-X operating as efficiently as the day you got it.

Make sure you get the most from your lifter, and stay safe with our GB-X vacuum lifter training. Our training is free and tailored to your specific vacuum lifter model (the Glass Boy GB-X) and its specific applications. Training is delivered online though you can also join us in our 20,000ft² warehouse and workshop for in-person demonstrations and operator training.

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        GB-X Glass Vacuum Lifter FAQs

        If you require a vacuum lifter for panels outside of the GB-X’s carry weight, there are two more options in the Glass Boy range. For smaller panels, consider the Glass Boy GB-L with a carry weight of up to 500kg. For heavier panels, choose the Glass Boy GB-H, which can lift panels up to 1,800kg.

        There’s no one right answer when choosing whether to hire or buy the GB-X. The best option for you will depend on a number of factors. Our team of experts is happy to provide you with tailored options to find the best solution for you.

        Contact us today, and we can start the process of getting you a GB-X glass vacuum lifter to make your work environment more efficient. We also have this useful guide comparing renting and hiring; “To Buy Or Not To Buy: Renting Culture”.

        In addition to using glass panel lifters such as the GB-X, there are a number of ways to protect your glass panels throughout storage and transportation. We discussed these in detail in our blog post, How To Safely Transport Glass Panes