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What Can A Glass Boy Lift?


what can the glass boy lift


At 4 Cladding Services we’re proud to be the sole UK provider for VIAVAC vacuum lifters. Why? Because they’re amazing. 

Take the Glass Boy glass panel lifter, for example. This impressive vacuum lifter offers three models (Glass Boy GB-L, Glass Boy Gb-X, and Glass Boy GB-H), accommodating a broad range of glass panel sizes and configurations. It makes glass panel installations quick and easy, saving you time and money whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety. 

But we know you don’t want us to bore you with stats and specs. So, we decide to help put things in perspective. Here’s what a glass boy panel lifter can lift in less-than-typical units of measurement. Who needs kilograms anyway? We want to know how many cows a  Glass Boy can lift – hypothetically, of course. 

(If you do want a full deep dive on the Glass Boy, including specs, features and more, check out this guide – Everything You Need to Know About Glass Boy.)


Why Choose The Glass Boy Vacuum Lifter

We know you really want to know how many grand pianos the Glass Boy can lift. But its impressive lift capacity is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Glass Boy vacuum lifter offers. Here’s what else you get when you choose the Viavac Glass Boy glass panel lifter:


  • Industry Leading Suction Cup Technology
  • A range of configurations
  • Low vacuum and low battery warning systems
  • Secondary safety systems
  • Compliance with all relevant UK, European and Worldwide regulations and legislation.


How Much Can The Viavac Glass Boy Lift?

The maximum lift capacity for the Glass Boy comes from the range’s biggest model, the GB-H, which can lift a staggering 1,800kg. A weight that big is hard to quantify or imagine in real terms. But we gave it a shot. 1,800kg is equivalent to:


2 Cows and a Calf – a Holstein cow (that’s the black and white ones) weigh about 680kg, so the the Glass Boy could lift 2 and a half. 

4 Grand Pianos – at 450kg each, the Glass Boy can lift the equivalent of 4 grand pianos. 

A Car – Weighing 1,652kg, a 2009 Ford Taurus would be no problem for the Glass Boy. You would even have enough capacity for a driver and maybe a passenger or two.

3 (and a half) Grizzly Bears – Grizzly bears weigh around 520kg, so you would be able to carry about 3 and a half. (And yes, that does mean a grizzly bear weighs less than a cow!)

A Giraffe – whilst some of the bigger giraffes might just exceed the limit clocking in at a massive 1,900kg, the glass boy can comfortably manage a female giraffe which can weigh up to about 1,200kg


Get More From The Glass Boy Panel Lifter

While these are all fun hypotheticals, the Glass Boy is obviously designed for glass panels. If you want to learn more about how to safely transport and install glass panels, check out our helpful guide here – How to Safely Transport Glass Panes.


To learn more about the Glass Boy range, speak with our vacuum lifter experts. We can help you find the right vacuum lifter for your project, and we are always on hand to help with vacuum lifter training, servicing and maintenance. To find out more, call us on 0370 741 7600


More On Viavac Vacuum Lifters

If you enjoyed this look at the Glass Boy, why not check out our “What Can a Clad Boy Lift?” guide? The Clad Boy vacuum lifter is packed with amazing features to make cladding installation easier. This includes an impressive lift capacity, and we couldn’t resist stretching the limits of our imagination with what it could lift. 


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