How to Install Glass Below a Building Overhang

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How to Install Glass Below a Building Overhang

Installing glass beneath a building overhang demands not just expertise but precision, adaptability, and the right tools. You have to tackle both the unique requirements of manoeuvring and installing the glass and the accessibility challenges of working around the overhang.

In this guide, we explore the fundamental components that form the backbone of successful glass installation under an overhang – the mini crane, overhang beam, and Glass Boy vacuum lifter.

Each element plays a key role in seamlessly installing glass panels into challenging spaces and is crucial for maintaining on-site safety.

  • Mini Crane
  • Overhang Beam
  • Glass Boy Vacuum Lifter


Mini Crane

The mini crane plays a pivotal role in ensuring precision during glass installation. Its compact size allows for manoeuvrability in tight spaces, making it an ideal choice for projects where space is limited. The crane’s ability to lift and position heavy glass panels accurately makes it an indispensable tool for this task.

Types of mini cranes suitable for glass installations

Several types of mini cranes are suitable for glass installation, including spider cranes and compact crawler cranes. Choosing the right type depends on factors such as the weight and size of the glass panels and the site conditions. It’s crucial to select a mini crane that meets the specific requirements of the project.


Overhang Beam

Overhang beams also referred to as counterbalance lifting beams, are designed to lift materials beneath overhanging structures. They can be used with tower cranes, mobile cranes, mini cranes, and a range of vacuum lifters. They extend several metres, making them ideal for placing material below overhangs such as soffitts. An overhang beam is a fundamental component of installations under building overhangs.


Glass Boy Vacuum Lifter

The Glass Boy Vacuum Lifter is a specialised tool designed for lifting and placing glass panels safely. It utilises vacuum suction cups to securely grip the glass without causing damage. This tool is essential for maintaining the integrity of the glass and ensuring efficient handling during the installation process.

The Glass Boy is available in several models, Glass Boy GB-H, Glass Boy GB-X, and Glass Boy GB-L, each with different lifting capacities. Each model also offers numerous configurations to safely support glass panels of various sizes and dimensions. The Glass Boy glass vacuum lifter range is a versatile selection of powerful vacuum lifters with something for all your glass lifting needs.


Install Glass Below a Building Overhang FAQs

How do I install other materials under building overhangs?

To install materials other than glass under building hangs, you can use the same setup (mini crane, overhang beam, and vacuum lifter) but swap the Glass Boy for a vacuum lifter suitable for the material you are handling.


How much can the Glass Boy lift?

The largest Glass Boy model, the Glass Boy GB-H, can lift up to 1,800kg.


What features does the Glass Boy have?

The Glass Boy GB-X features a dual-circuit safety system, industry-leading suction technology, low battery, and vacuum warnings, a large vacuum reserve, and remote control options for safe operation in hard-to-reach areas. Importantly, it meets LOLER and all necessary UK, European, and Worldwide regulations, maximising on-site safety.


How Mini Cranes, Overhang Beams, and Vacuum Lifters Work Together

The seamless integration of the mini crane, overhang beam, and Glass Boy vacuum lifter forms the foundation for a safe and effective glass installation process. The mini crane, with its compact design and precise lifting capabilities, serves as the cornerstone for elevating heavy glass panels with accuracy. The overhang beam addresses the challenges posed by soffits and other overhangs. Working in tandem, these components ensure that materials can be lifted and positioned with precision, even in confined or challenging spaces. Finally, the Glass Boy adds the finishing touch – the ability to effortlessly lift glass panels.

Together, this trio of equipment lays the groundwork for successful glass installations beneath building overhangs.


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