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How Does a Vacuum Lifter Work?

how does a vacuum lifter work

Have you ever wondered how vacuum lifters make lifting heavy objects so effortless? If you’ve ever moved a wall panel with the Clad Boy, attached a Cool Boy lifter to your forklift, or installed glass panels with the Glass Boy, you may have been taken aback by how effortless it can be to lift so much weight. It almost seems too good to be true! In this post, we’ll delve into the fascinating technology behind these remarkable machines and uncover the secrets behind their ability to lift with remarkable ease. 


What is a vacuum lifter?

A vacuum lifter is a mechanical device used for lifting and moving heavy objects using suction. It typically consists of suction pads or cups that create a vacuum seal with the object being lifted. Vacuum lifters are commonly used in construction and warehousing industries for efficiently and safely handling various materials such as roof, wall, and glass panels.


Types of vacuum lifters

Vacuum lifters come in a variety of types. They range from handheld portable vacuum lifters to large VIAVAC panel lifters capable of lifting a staggering 800Kg. There are options for all your needs. GRABO handheld lifters will make light work of manual lifting jobs. And VIAVAC has solutions for panels of all sizes, shapes and types, including wall and roof panels, as well as solar panels, glass panels and more.


How do vacuum lifters create suction?

The vacuum is generated by an electric-powered suction pump or a similar mechanism, which removes the air from within the suction pads, creating a vacuum. This vacuum force allows the lifter to securely attach to the object and lift it without the need for traditional lifting mechanisms like hooks or clamps.


Vacuum Lifter Suction Pads

There are several different types of suction pads used with vacuum lifters, each designed to accommodate specific applications and surfaces. Using the appropriate suction pads is essential to effective and safe installations. There are specialist suction pads for different materials, such as glass. Some vacuum lifter models use specialist suction cups alongside adjustable arms to lift curved surfaces from the convex or concave side. 


Tilt, rotation, and safety features

Whilst suction pads and suction pumps form the basis of a vacuum lifter, there is much more to them. VIAVAC lifters such as the Clad Boy vacuum lifter offer a selection of other features such as panel rotation and tilting. The VIAVAC vacuum lifter range also each comes with an array of safety features, including low battery and low vacuum warning systems, large vacuum reserves, and proven secondary safety systems.


VIAVAC vacuum lifter ranges also accommodate a range of panel sizes and weights. Each model offers multiple configurations (with the exception of the Cool Boy, the first single pad, single configuration lifter for the UK market), and several ranges include various models, each with a different size and weight capacity. 


Buy or hire VIAVAC Vacuum lifters

Make cladding installations effortless with VIAVAC vacuum lifters. Or improve manual handling safety with GRABO. We stock vacuum lifters from the industry’s biggest names and have something for all projects available for purchase or hire. From to portable lifters to specialised curved glass lifting solutions, you’ll find exactly what you need at 4 Cladding Services. And our team of experts can help match you to the perfect equipment for your needs. 


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