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How to Choose the Right Glass Vacuum Lifter for Your Project









There are many different types of tools available for glass lifting, however, they do not always provide a safe solution for your project. Glass Vacuum Lifters provide strength and safety for lifting heavy glass objects and their vacuum technology allows you to transport glass without the threat of damage or breakage. They can also be used for the transport of other objects such as stone, composite panels, plastics, ceramics and metal. 

To get the most out of a glass vacuum lifter, you need to ensure that it is suitable for your project. We’re going to talk you through what you should take into consideration before investing:

  • Understanding your project
  • What glass vacuum lifters are available

Understanding your project

With the range of lifters available, there are things that you should consider before deciding on what product to hire.

The weight requirements

To ensure that you are safely transporting your glass panels, and not exceeding a safe weight load, glass vacuum lifters vary in size, reaching upwards of 8000kg. Each vacuum lifter differs and how much one can carry depends on the power of the machine you choose for your project. If you exceed the safe weight load of your machine then you are putting yourself at risk as the load may be dropped and cause harm to you and your team.

Safety Features

Different types of vacuum lifters have different safety features. Our Glass Boy glass vacuum lifters have a variety of safety features to make sure that you can work safely, without the worry of breakage or delays on your project. Safety features vary from:

  • Dual and quad circuits
  • Visible low battery warning
  • Visual alarm system
  • Multiple configurations for different job types

What glass vacuum lifters are available?

4 Cladding Services has a range of Glass Boy glass vacuum lifters and it is constantly evolving. All of the products available in this range have excellent vacuum strength, providing peace of mind that you’re not going to have to deal with any damage being done to your materials. As the leading industry tool for lifting glass, you can rely on this product range to get the job done, just make sure you choose the right lifter for the job.

Glass Boy GB-H

If you need a job capable of extremely heavy lifting, then the Glass Boy GB-H is the perfect glass vacuum lifter. It has a capacity of up to 1,800kg and also offers multiple configurations. These configurations will help you move anything from narrow, small pieces of glass as light as 600kg to large, long glass panels. It also features motorised rotary movement which will allow 360-degree rotation of your glass panels. It makes glass panel installation efficient and safer, helping increase productivity which will help you save time and labour costs.

Glass Boy GB-X

The Glass Boy GB-X is the ‘medium’ vacuum lifter, with a carrying capacity that ranges between 400-800kg. It is the perfect middle ground between the GB-H and the GB-L models and offers the same 360-degree rotation and 8 lockable positions. This model also has 6 different configurations depending on the shape, size and weight of the glass panel that you are looking to lift – accommodating glass panels up to 4x4m!

Glass Boy GB-L

The most compact model of the range, the Glass Boy GB-L is the smallest variant of the Glass Boy and can carry glass panels weighing up to 250kg. It is the ideal solution if you are lifting and moving panels in a confined space and want to reduce the risk of causing any damage to any of your materials. With easy assembly, you can set this machine up in a matter of minutes and get to work on your project. Despite its small size, the GB-L also features 360-degree rotation and has the same precision as the larger models.

So which glass vacuum lifter should you choose?

The above summaries should point you in the right direction to choosing the right glass vacuum lifter for your project. 4 Cladding is proud to be the sole UK supplier of VIAVAC vacuum lifters and can provide you with all the necessary training and support you need to make your project a success.

If you are still unsure which model is the right fit for your project, the 4 Cladding experts are on hand to point you in the right direction – get in touch today.


Are there any risks that come with using glass vacuum lifters?

With any heavy-duty machinery, there are risks, that is why you must find one that can hold the weight of your glass panels. That is why 4 Cladding offers a range of machines that can transport various weights depending on what your project consists of.

How much does it cost to be trained to use your glass vacuum lifter?

Our training comes free of charge! We want to make sure that you’re operating everything as safely as possible. Our team is here to provide you with excellent training to ensure that you understand the ins and outs of the machine that you’re purchasing.

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