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What Can a Cool Boy Lift?

You might know what a Clad Boy can lift, but do you know what a Cool Boy is capable of?

To help you understand the power behind the Cool Boy, we have broken down the equivalent of what this powerful forklift vacuum lifter can hold. Some of these may shock you, but we’re sure you will be impressed by the capabilities of this reliable machine!


What a Cool Boy Can Lift: The Equivalent

So, a Cool Boy can lift up to a whopping 375kg, but what does this mean? If you’re unfamiliar with heavy loads, you may wonder if this is as light as a feather in the machining world or if the Cool Boy is a heavy hitter. Well, we know the capabilities of the Cool Boy being able to lift 375kg, but if you have no idea what this would look like, then it can be hard to equate to your needs.

Here are four ideas to help you get a better idea of what a Cool Boy can lift. All of these items on our list equate to 375kg. So, a Cool Boy can lift:

4 and a Half Men

Did you know the average British man weighs around 83kg? That means a Cool Boy is capable of lifting four and a half men. Why not round up a few members of the team so you can put this into perspective? It is handy to note if you ever need to lift exactly four and a half men away from the work floor in case of a Jumanji-esque stampede.

A Kangaroo on a Vending Machine

Vending machines are huge and heavy pieces of equipment, whether filled with drinks or endless chocolate bars, fruit and snacks. Even heavier than your average vending machine weighing in at 290kg is to put an adult Kangaroo on top, which can weigh up to 85kg. Well, lifting both is not a problem for the Cool Boy!

8,733 Golf Balls

You never need to worry about losing your golf balls across the green again with the help of a Cool Boy. A single golf ball is fairly light, but 375 kg worth of golf balls is a whole different story. So, how many can a Cool Boy hold? 8,733 golf balls!

6 Baby Hippos

This comparison equivalent may just be the one you need to get a clear grasp of just how strong a Cool Boy lifter is. The Cool Boy vacuum lifter is an impressive piece of machinery, capable of lifting up to 375 kilograms effortlessly. To put that into perspective, that’s equivalent to the weight of six baby hippos! Considering these are one of the most dangerous animals, this is a pretty impressive feat!


Lifting with a Cool Boy

Clearly, Cool Boy forklift vacuum lifters are magnificently strong and reliable pieces of machinery. Although you might not often need to lift 8,733 golf balls or a herd of baby hippos, this versatile machine can easily lift materials of up to 375kg.

But you must be able to operate it safely. At 4 Cladding Services, we can provide full training on all of our equipment, so you can ensure your team is trained and qualified to operate it safely. When lifting weights this heavy, there is only one way to do so safely: with appropriate and comprehensive training.

Find out more about the Cool Boy vacuum lifter available today, and contact us today for more advice and guidance on this revolutionary piece of equipment.



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