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Lifting Glass Reliably & Safely

The 4 Cladding Services Glass Boy range is constantly evolving. It has developed into a collection of vacuum lifters for professional use in the construction, glazing and façade installation industries.

All of the lifters are multiple circuit with wireless remote-control options. They are robust, easy to use and extremely reliable. The renowned Viavac build quality ensures that they will provide a long service life with reduced ownership costs.

Glass Boy

250kg or 375kg SWL – Lift up to 3m x 3m glass elements

The dual-circuit Glass Boy 250/375 is a proven glass lifter that has interchangeable seals allowing it to be used on cladding and composite panels. This makes it a uniquely versatile vacuum lifter for many applications and the unit has been industry proven over many years. It is also extremely compact and easy to transport and store.

Glass Boy GB-L

Lifting configurations from 250Kg up to 500Kg – lift up to 3m x 4m glass elements

Supplied in a cleverly designed storage and transport cradle, the GB-L is compact and easy to assemble and operate. This dual circuit machine features two possible configurations and the ergonomic design sets a new standard in this field.

Glass Boy GB-X

Lifting configuration from 400Kg up to 800Kg – lift up to 4m x 4m glass elements

Supplied as a complete kit in a pallet storage box, the GB-X can be assembled in six different configurations to suit glass elements of any shape and orientation up to 4m x 4m and 800Kg. Dual circuit and robustly designed for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance.

Glass Boy GB-H

Lifting configuration from 600Kg up to 1,800Kg

The largest Glass Boy lifter featuring quad vacuum circuits, multiple configurations and a lift capacity up to an enormous 1800Kg. The unit also features radio remote control for vacuum operation, powered tilting and rotation. Despite its capabilities, the GB-H is stored in a standard pallet footprint cradle for ease and economy of transport.

Standard Pallet Sized Transport Box/Cradle

Every product in the Glass Boy range comes with a transport box or cradle. This is the same footprint as a standard pallet.

No longer do you need to incur high haulage costs to and from your site or take up a vast amount of space for a glazing vacuum lifter.

Fully Repairable

From time to time vacuum lifters need to be repaired. 4 Cladding Services’ Glass Boy range is fully repairable should anything go wrong. The quality design and assembly of the units means you do not have to treat these as disposable pieces of equipment.


The Glass Boy range complies with all current UK and European legislation.


  • Wide model range including single pad and multi-pad units
  • Large range of configurations allow maximum load support
  • Proven, reliable performance with lift capacities up to 800Kg
  • Battery operated with built-in charger
  • Wireless remote suction release options available
  • Incorporates advanced safety features including low vacuum and low battery warning systems, large vacuum reserve and proven secondary safety systems
  • Quick and easy to operate, offering time and labour savings and delivering installation efficiency
  • Compliant with all relevant UK, European and Worldwide regulations and legislation

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    Our experienced and friendly team are able to assist with providing pre-sales information and advice to ensure you get the right equipment and accessories for your project

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